Sarong: Four Versatile Styles

Tying a sarong in a wearable and fashionable manner will be discouraging no more. MD's fashion columnist Nicole Spataro shares her expert tips to tie below.

Sarong: Four Versatile Styles

You can’t go wrong with a sarong! A good cover up is hard to find. Some are too short, some are too big, and some are just downright uncomfortable. What if you had a cover up that could be whatever you wanted it to be? Enter the sarong – the new summer it piece. What makes this beach accessory […]

Dress to Impress

Have an important job interview coming up? Gunning for that promotion? Here are a few tips on how you can fix your wardrobe to help you seem more professional.

Dress to impress because it truly matters. Your professional wardrobe is a big part of your first impression, especially for those who are about to enter the working world. Just because you work in a professional setting, doesn’t mean you have to look stuffy. Here are a few guidelines for looking good but not “too” […]