Sarong: Four Versatile Styles

Tying a sarong in a wearable and fashionable manner will be discouraging no more. MD's fashion columnist Nicole Spataro shares her expert tips to tie below.

You can’t go wrong with a sarong!

Woman with sarong at beach
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A good cover up is hard to find. Some are too short, some are too big, and some are just downright uncomfortable. What if you had a cover up that could be whatever you wanted it to be? Enter the sarong – the new summer it piece. What makes this beach accessory different from anything else? It’s undeniable versatility. There are countless ways to wear the sarong and in the summertime, there’s no better place than the beach or the pool–especially pool parties! The idea of mastering the sarong’s many-ways-to-wear may seem discouraging, but the splashes of color and sexy sheer fabric is irresistible. We want you to love what you wear and wear what you love, and as you know, we’re here with tips specially for you, so you can strut your stuff in the always flattering sarong. To maximize its wear, start with a sarong that is long or alternatively a lengthy silk, lightweight scarf.

1. The Long Sarong

To wear a sarong as a long skirt, simply start by holding the material horizontally and wrap it around your waist. Taking the corners of the top left and right of the fabric, bring them together to tie a knot in the front of your body, resting near your belly button. Leave it centered for a high slit, or twist the skirt to the right or left for a high side slit. The maxi sarong combines well with a one-piece bathing suit, giving the illusion that the outfit is more put together as opposed to just a cover-up.

2. The Mini

For a short skirt, fold the material diagonally in half to make a triangle. Wrap the triangle around your waist so that the triangle is upside down (the center point should be directed at the ground). Tie the right and left corners into a knot on the side of your body. The short skirt looks particularly fashionable when paired with a bikini top. Don’t be afraid to show some skin!

3. The Halter Dress

Not only can the sarong be worn as a skirt, but it can also be twisted into an oh-so-fab dress. Start by holding the sarong horizontally. Wrap the cloth around your back and under your arms like you would a towel. Now take the top right and left corners and criss-cross them in front of you. Twist the two ends around each other twice like a Twizzler, then around your neck. Tie a knot behind your neck to form a halter style.

4. The Jumpsuit

This one is a bit tricky, but yields a gorgeous result (not to mention a cool conversation starter). Start by holding the sarong vertically and wrap it around your body and under your arms. Tie the two corners around your back tying a knot. Now take the bottom of your sarong and pull it between your two legs. Using the bottom two corners of the sarong, wrap around the waist and tie in the front. Ta-da!

You can find a selection of beautiful sarongs at Anthropologie, located on 470 Bloomfield Ave. in Montclair, N.J. Not only are the designs exciting, with dip-dyed fabrics and or intricate patterns, but they are also affordable. Currently, the sarongs at Anthropologie are on SALE, so get them before they’re gone. You’ll officially look your best while staying cool and stylish–now go have fun in the sun (and wear sunblock)!

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