Lauren Fox and a Jazzy Comic Reprise

Cabaret artist Lauren Fox to embody Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen on Friday, Nov. 15 at Outpost in the Burbs. Also returning is singer-songwriter/multitalent Kenny White.

Lauren Fox and a Jazzy Comic Reprise

Lauren Fox is one foxy lady. Seasoned fans and first-time listeners alike adore acclaimed New York City-based studio musician, television jingle and film score composer and singer-songwriter Kenny White so much during October’ss Outpost event that Outpost wants him back soon, and next Friday night is another chance to see him. Audiences will get another […]

Bob Cannon Cools Down Trend

Could Wednesday night’s almost entirely chilled-out stage be in tune with summer winding down?

Bob Cannon performs outstandingly for Trend. Summer is nearing its end in just a few weeks, and that is a possible reason for a more jazzy and groovy set rather than rock and roll, laden with bongo drums and smoother vocals on Wednesday night. Nevertheless, almost every foot tapped and set of hands clapped along. […]