Bob Cannon Cools Down Trend

Could Wednesday night’s almost entirely chilled-out stage be in tune with summer winding down?

Bob Cannon performs outstandingly for Trend.

Summer is nearing its end in just a few weeks, and that is a possible reason for a more jazzy and groovy set rather than rock and roll, laden with bongo drums and smoother vocals on Wednesday night. Nevertheless, almost every foot tapped and set of hands clapped along.

The star of the night seemed to be Bob Cannon. Bob Cannon performed along with, not one, but three musicians, all during different sets: Rob Halper, Zach Halper and Jim O’Brien. Bob Cannon only uses guitar and voice as his instruments, but he never follows any particular style. Hence, why Bob Cannon is often invited to play along with the others.

Also, the familial theme of musical collaboration remained within the spirit of Trend when Rob and Zach performed a toned-down set together with a cover of Alison Krauss and Union Station’s “When You Say Nothing at All.”

Kelsey and father Dennis Vasquez returned with covers of Ivy’s “Edge of the Ocean” and Crowded House’s “Don’t Dream it’s Over.” It truly is a blessing seeing families coming out and sharing their different styles in form of collaborative art, and even a bigger blessing seeing this happen more often each Wednesday night.

A woman named Angela presented everyone with her creativity and improvisation by performing Billie Holiday’s “Good Morning Heartache” on bongos with brushes, and “Hey, Mr. Haven” while singing and tapping a spoon against her lap. She has a voice with a strong jazz/soul influence, and it complements her creative choice and use of instruments well.

Bob Cannon, Angela performing jazzy covers using bongo, and later using a spoon. Photo courtesy of Christine Byczkiewic.
Angela performing jazzy covers using bongo, and later using a spoon. Photo courtesy of Christine Byczkiewic.

Youth, believe it or not, went well with the relaxed musical demeanor. A young girl named Danielle Louise performed two original songs on keyboard. One of those songs, entitled “Remember How I Care,” will be on a second album that she is currently working on. To anyone who ever sees her perform anywhere in the future: do not be fooled by her youthful appearance. Louise has a sultry voice that defies it.

Following Louise was another relatively young performer named Ryan Crolin. Crolin usually performs covers accompanied with guitar and a voice suited greatly for blues and classic rock. One of those songs was, believe it or not, his first original ever. Nevertheless, it does not matter what he performs because not even the worst musical skeptic/critic can deny his gifts.

Bruce Tyler also once again traded in his usual drums for bongos. It is only speculation, but it seems as if he may do this more often.

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