Trend Fest II in Montclair

Trend Fest II in Montclair

Make the most of your Saturday with Trend Fest II! Owners, Dimitry and Saska Banjanski, serve up the best menu, ambience, and live entertainment in Montclair. Visit their very well-known café, Trend Coffee & Tea House on Sat. Oct. 22 from noon till midnight as they will be hosting their 2nd annual music festival, Trend Fest II! There will be different […]

Trend Coffee and Tea House

Trend Coffee and Tea House offers great treats as well as coffee and teas of many flavors. They also are large supporters of local music.

Trend Coffee and Tea House

Trend offers delicious treats. In the heart of Bloomfield Avenue lies a house that was erected in 1860 that serves the people of Montclair fine coffee and good vibes every day of the week. The first step you take into this building of aged, architectural magnificence, the floors creak a little bit, you hear live […]

Retro Looks with One Savvy Design

Do you know the five fashions from the '50s, '60s and '70s that never go out of style? Learn how to mix the retro with the new below.

Retro Looks with One Savvy Design

Retro and modern are a match made in fashion heaven. The 1950s-‘70s styles are popping up everywhere. In other words, everything from bell-bottoms to knitted crop-tops and big polka dots will be catching your eye all season. I spoke to style expert and owner of One Savvy Design, Arlene Carrini, and she gave some serious fashion […]

Bob Cannon Cools Down Trend

Could Wednesday night’s almost entirely chilled-out stage be in tune with summer winding down?

Bob Cannon performs outstandingly for Trend. Summer is nearing its end in just a few weeks, and that is a possible reason for a more jazzy and groovy set rather than rock and roll, laden with bongo drums and smoother vocals on Wednesday night. Nevertheless, almost every foot tapped and set of hands clapped along. […]

Jazzy Music at Trend

Trend is getting jazzy with kids, family, guitars, and bongos. Seeing more families, both figuratively and literally, playing together and enjoying themselves while doing so adds more light to the Trend atmosphere than it already has had to begin with. Starting this off were father and daughter Dennis and Kelsey Vasquez. They chose to play […]

Family Fun at Trend

Some seasoned and soon-to-be seasoned performers bring equally talented family members to a packed event at Trend.

The inner family at Trend comes out. No warnings of storm or rain kept any frequent Trend Coffee and Tea regular or newcomer from coming to enjoy the usual mixed bag of open mic sets, which were cut down to a two-piece limit, as opposed to the usual three-piece limit, due to the nearly-full house. […]

Country Tunes at Trend

Country covers and country-tinged tunes light up the night at Trend Coffee and Tea.

Country Tunes at Trend

Trend has officially gone country. Trend on Wednesday nights has indeed gone a bit country – fittingly so, as the town of Montclair itself has some elements to make up a true down-home and easygoing feel with its share of cottage- style houses, locally farmed foods and many quiet parks. The young woman who normally […]

Toned Down Tunes at Trend

It is only speculation, but do cooler temperatures evoke a more toned-down, but nevertheless fun, musical set with surprises?

Toned down tunes at the door of Trend, but everyone still rocks. Compared to last week, temperatures were close to the triple digits and the music was summery and upbeat so everyone was dancing nearly the entire event. However, Wednesday night’s event at Trend was more toned-down and almost entirely acoustic and earthy; that did […]

Open Mic at Trend During Heatwaves

No extremity of heat waves or heat advisories kept this week’s open mic night from being almost entirely led by the young people.

Heat waves doesn’t keep everyone inside at Trend because they offer open mic. The young have the most positive energy at times, and it showed in open mic favorite Kyle Dowling, who plays acoustic guitar left-handed and has a voice almost comparable to a mix between Jason Mraz and Joe Don Rooney, the latter of […]