Jazzy Music at Trend

Trend is getting jazzy with kids, family, guitars, and bongos.

Trend performances have a jazzy feeling.
Kelsey Vasquez performing a set with her father, Dennis. Photo courtesy of Christine Byczkiewic.

Seeing more families, both figuratively and literally, playing together and enjoying themselves while doing so adds more light to the Trend atmosphere than it already has had to begin with. Starting this off were father and daughter Dennis and Kelsey Vasquez. They chose to play covers of “Just Like Heaven” by The Cure and “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5.

One-half of Jersey band Wyland pefroming on vocals and guitars getting jazzy.
One-half of Jersey band Wyland pefroming on vocals and guitars. The full band will be at Trend tomorrow night at 8 p.m. Photo courtesy of Christine Byczkiewic.

Mitch Radler returned, this time actually performing with his cousin and keyboardist Lee. Both were also joined by a few others, including Bruce, who traded in his standard drum set for a more chilled-out but nonetheless fun vibe on the bongos.

This performance was the last time to catch Lee and his powerful vocals and keyboard skills, as he leaves on Sunday to study abroad in Israel. Hopefully, he will be stateside again someday to have fun with his new Trend family, but for now, education is important.

Not only did most of the guitars provide a jazzy tune, but the voices did as well. One of those voices belonged to Rich Barron, a good friend of Greg Spinelli’s. Both of his songs were originals.

One very important song was called “Hard Right,” which conveys the message that pertain to people of all ages: although there will always be some sort of obstacle that everyone must go through in order to achieve their dreams, these obstacles should never stop anyone from doing so, because they are merely tests that are a part of life.

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