Trend Fest II in Montclair

Make the most of your Saturday with Trend Fest II!

trend fest
Photo courtesy of Trend.

Owners, Dimitry and Saska Banjanski, serve up the best menu, ambience, and live entertainment in Montclair. Visit their very well-known café, Trend Coffee & Tea House on Sat. Oct. 22 from noon till midnight as they will be hosting their 2nd annual music festival, Trend Fest II! There will be different live acts each hour and for those of you who are of age, this event is BYOB! To check out the incredible line-up, please refer to the image on the left hand side.

Although it’s one of the oldest buildings in Montclair, you wouldn’t even be able to tell once you’ve tried something off of their menu. The first step you take into this building of aged, architectural magnificence, the floors creak a little bit, you hear live music playing, people chatting and, most importantly, you smell the refreshing aroma of freshly ground and brewed coffee. With options ranging from coffees to teas, paninis to soups, and pies to crepes, Trend Coffee & Tea House, has it all!

Trend Coffee & Tea House has been known for promoting local talents and has stayed dedicated to supporting and promoting the arts, including music, dance, fine arts and spoken word. They have molded the perfect place for people to enjoy delicious beverages and snacks, all while enjoying entertainment and simple conversation among those close to you as well as creating the opportunity to make new friends you never thought you’d make at this comforting cafe. This place offers what a real coffee house should feel and taste like.

For those interested in attending and/or visiting one of the trendiest spots in Montclair, but aren’t familiar with the location. You can find Trend Coffee & Tea House at 411 Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair,  NJ 07042.

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