Retro Looks with One Savvy Design

Do you know the five fashions from the '50s, '60s and '70s that never go out of style? Learn how to mix the retro with the new below.

Retro and modern are a match made in fashion heaven.

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The 1950s-‘70s styles are popping up everywhere. In other words, everything from bell-bottoms to knitted crop-tops and big polka dots will be catching your eye all season. I spoke to style expert and owner of One Savvy Design, Arlene Carrini, and she gave some serious fashion education. “The retro trend has always been in, but now it’s become more common in the contemporary world,” she says. One Savvy Design carries designers such as Kate Spade and Diane Von Furstenberg, brands famous for their classic retro looks. The consignment boutique also carries vintage trends from J. Crew, Anthropologie and the praised Chanel. Read on for tips to modernize your retro looks and stay groovy, girl.

  1. The Wrap Dress

A staple to the Diane Von Furstenberg label, the wrap dress was built into fashion during the ‘30s and ‘40s. Wear it everywhere and anywhere. It looks equally appropriate at the office as it does resort chic. Pair with a wooded heel or wedge.

  1. Bell-Bottoms

Get ready to time travel to the solid ‘70s! Flared jeans are all about balance. Often times, they’re most flattering when the volume on the bottom is compensated with a tight fitted top. Try it tucked in or cropped. One Savvy Design, offers a ton of denim options, “We love when customers tell us what they’re looking for. It’s always great to help someone portray the look they’re going for,” says Carrini.

  1. Polka Dots

This print is arguably the most popular of the season for obvious reasons – everyone could use a dotted pep in their step. Polka dots add a fun and playful element to your wardrobe; they’re sophisticated, plus they look great on all shapes, sizes and ages. Try a dot printed pencil skirt with a basic top to start. If you’re really feeling adventurous, mix your favorite patterns.

  1. The A-Line

“The A-Line is a great example of a popular retro dress,” Carrini says. The A-Line dress is fitted from the bust through the hips, gradually widening toward the hem giving the impression of a capital A. Best when worn with a short hem for a mini-skirt appeal – super cute and flirty for date night. For that extra vintage touch and ultra slim waist, tie patterned or plain fabric into a big bow (or not) so that it rests like a belt.

  1. Lace

What is sexier than a touch of lace? If you’re a bold lady with daring style, do an entirely lace top revealing a cami or bra-lette beneath it. To keep vintage, veils are making a big comeback. Don’t be afraid to clip or tie a lace headpiece for a special evening out.


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