Trend Coffee and Tea House

Trend Coffee and Tea House offers great treats as well as coffee and teas of many flavors. They also are large supporters of local music.

Trend offers delicious treats.

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In the heart of Bloomfield Avenue lies a house that was erected in 1860 that serves the people of Montclair fine coffee and good vibes every day of the week. The first step you take into this building of aged, architectural magnificence, the floors creak a little bit, you hear live music playing, people chatting and, most importantly, you smell the refreshing aroma of freshly ground and brewed coffee. Trend Coffee and Tea House is located in one of the oldest buildings in Montclair, but you wouldn’t even be able to tell once you’ve tried something off of their menu.

From coffees to teas, paninis to soups and pies to crepes, this little café arguably sells it all. All of their coffees are ground and brewed in house and they come in a plethora of different flavors, such as hazelnut, French vanilla, dark roast, blueberry and even chocolate raspberry! Their teas are off the walls as well. The list of their different flavors could go on for days, but to name a few, they have a fantastic breakfast blend, apple cinnamon spice, as well as mandarin orange and passion mango to make your day a little more tropical if need be. Any option off of their beverage menu hits the spot and is always exactly what you were looking for; even if you didn’t know what you were in the mood for when you first heard the homey sounds of those creaky boards when you walked in.

The food and desserts menu of Trend Coffee and Tea will blow you away even more. They serve a variety of homemade paninis, sandwiches, wraps, soups, quiches and more. Their most well-known dessert is their apple pie (which is utterly delicious), but that should not discourage you from trying any of the other fantastic sweets on the menu. Their smoothies are made with real fruit. It is always nice to know that real food is actually going into your smoothie or meal. If you order one of their crepes, you may never want one from anywhere else or want to make one yourself ever again. The crepes are stellar! It’s a very simple thing to make, but they make them with such perfection that it’s hard to mimic that back at home. You can also customize your crepe with the toppings and fillings that you desire!

The name on the sign that hangs outside of their storefront is a very appropriate one, because this little café is definitely what’s trending in Montclair. One of the best parts (besides the menu) is that they are no stranger to live music either. At Trend, they are large supporters of the local music scene and have booked gigs/open mics all of the time. It really gives a great vibe.
If you’re feeling like you want to get some coffee with your parents or friends, and Starbucks isn’t doing it for you, then Trend is the coffee bar for you, because this is what a real coffee house should feel and taste like.

Happy trending!

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