Henry Gifford Earns Senior Spotlight

Henry Gifford discusses the “Career Internship Program” or “CIP” or “Senior Option allows seniors to experience from various local businesses.

Henry Gifford lives and breathes music. Montclair High School senior Henry Gifford chose to do his senior option at a recording studio in Brooklyn, N.Y. Gifford has always had a passion for music so interning in the field of music production seemed reasonable. “I interned at Studio G. It’s a recording studio in Brooklyn. It’s […]

Steven DeSalvo Earns Senior Spotlight

Since May 17, a large portion of Montclair High School seniors have been interning at various local businesses in lieu of going to school. The program is the “Career Internship Program” or more commonly known as “CIP” or “Senior Option”. The program has been running at MHS for a few years now and is enjoyed by all MHS seniors, both present and past.

Steven DeSalvo is musically focused. Instead of going on coffee runs and taking lunch orders, Montclair High School senior Steven DeSalvo had an envious and very hands-on senior option. DeSalvo spent his time working with his guitar teacher, Josh Rubin. Together, the two learned, practiced, played and recorded songs for a CD. “My senior option […]