That Little Black Dress Offers Denim Trends

That Little Black Dress offers the perfect denim trends to give your spring wardrobe that special something extra.

That Little Black Dress inspires fashions.

Denim is a staple in most women’s wardrobes year round, but it’s always great to switch it up and take this fabulous fabric to a whole new level during the sunnier seasons. Along with the warm weather come so many amazing options for prints and designs that can actually be worn on everything, denim included. The clothing store That Little Black Dress, conveniently located on Glenridge Avenue in Montclair, has a variety of options to help you incorporate denim into your wardrobe this season in an innovative, stylish way.

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One print that is huge this year is floral. That Little Black Dress has a great take on this trend that is printed on a pair of their denim shorts. The shorts, which are completely covered in a gray and pink floral print, are perfect for achieving an edgy feminine look. These can be paired with a white shirt and statement necklace for the perfect daytime look when going out with friends, or with wedges and lots of jewelry for a great nighttime look.

Another trend that That Little Black Dress took advantage of on their denim is studs. Their light wash denim shorts have three rows of flat studs lining the pockets for a sophisticated grungy look. These shorts are great for everything from a day trip to the beach to a relaxed night on the town with the girls.

For a whole different take on the stud trend, That Little Black Dress also has a pair of black denim shorts. Featuring only a few studs that are bigger in size, these shorts would work well for a night out on the town to create a perfectly edgy style. They can be paired with everything from heels to flats to form any look you desire to achieve for the day or night.

Another unique look that That Little Black Dress has incorporated into their denim is colorful patterns. One pair of light wash shorts feature a fully covered front design that has bright green and blue colors in a dainty, feminine pattern. These shorts are perfect for a casual nighttime dinner or a trip to the beach and can be dressed up or down to your liking. These shorts are perfect for any woman, especially those looking to channel their inner girly girl for the day!

If you would rather stick to a simple denim look, That Little Black Dress has great options for high waisted and regular denim shorts. You can find plain denim shorts in many colors and varieties, including ones with special washes or tears and rips to help you create the perfect unique look this summer. Available in everything from dark washes to light washes, and vintage to modern looks, every woman is sure to find her perfect fit in denim from this store. Be sure to check out their selection in denim in enough time before the warm weather creeps up on us!

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