The Cult: British Rock Band

The Cult, one of the UK's leading heavy metal revivalists, plans to amaze the audience of the Wellmont Theater with their taste of post-punk goth rock.

The Cult makes its way to the Wellmont Theater on April 9.

Photo courtesy of Live Nation.

The Cult represents many genres including hard rock, gothic rock, post-punk and heavy metal. They are a British band that was formed in the late 1980s. Popular hits that began their path of success in the UK include “She Sells Sanctuary,” “Love Removal Machine” and “Fire Woman.”

The band consists of four essential men: Ian Astbury on lead vocals and percussion, Billy Duffy on guitar, Grant Fitzpatrick on bass and John Tempesta on drums. Astbury was the son of a navy man, which meant frequent moves throughout his childhood. At one point, the family lived in Canada, invoking Astbury’s interest in Native Americans. This new interested molded his songwriting for The Cult.

Although The Cult managed one Top 10 in America with 1989s Sonic Temple, their popularity died down due to off-stage tensions and problems. Thus, breaking the band in 1995. After successfully reunification, in July 2009, Astbury stated that the Cult will only be focusing on EPs and digital releases rather than recording or producing studio albums. Even so, the band actually released two more studio albums titled, Choice of Weapon in 2012  and Hidden City in 2016.

“I’ve never heard of music like this before. It’s quite different,” said Allyson Reyes, a Kean University student.

The Wellmont Theater has partnered with Live Nation since September 2013 to book concerts and promote the theater itself. With the collaboration, it provides North Jersey, especially the town of Montclair, a valuable resource of an enormous variety of music genres for all to relish. The Wellmont Theater is located on 5 Seymour Street and their phone number is 973-783-9500. For more information and upcoming performances that you don’t want to miss, please visit

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