The MC Hotel Celebrates Its Star-Studded Grand Opening

The MC Hotel Team Cuts the Ceremonial Ribbon // Photo by The Montclair Dispatch

The much anticipated MC Hotel has officially opened, making it the newest addition to Montclair’s every-growing landscape. To celebrate, the MC team worked alongside Montclair officials to host a grand opening, giving the nearly 90 guests the opportunity to venture inside the hotel, and learn about everything it has to offer to its guests and the Montclair community!

Joshua Slepian (Pinnacle) and James Cubbon (Avison Young) // Photo Courtesy of The Montclair Dispatch
From L-R: Councilman William Hurlock, Heather Zises, Lt. Stephanie Egnezzo MPD, Deputy Chief Wilhelm Young MPD, Gregg Wasserman (MC Hotel), Chief John Hermann MFD // Photo by The Montclair Dispatch

To kick off the opening, the crowd heard from Jimmy Hanson, the President and CEO of The Hampshire Companies; Jeffrey Sica, the President, CEO, and CIO of Circle Square Investment; Todd Cilano, the Chief Operating Officer of Aparium Hotel Group; Oscar Fontana Roos, the MC Hotel’s General Manager; and lastly, Mayor Robert Jackson. While each speaker approached this project from varying backgrounds, all agreed that the MC Hotel was a transformative creation, bringing new life to Montclair, while expanding Aparium Hotels to the east coast. 

L-R: Christopher Jon Imperatore (Hampshire), Mark S. Rosen (Hampshire), and Joshua Slepian (Pinnacle) // Photo By The Montclair Dispatch
Pictured from Left to Right: John Mercurio (Avison Young), Dan Bailey (AY), Joshua Slepian (Pinnacle), James Cubbon (AY), and Brian Stoler (Pinnacle) // Photo Courtesy of The Montclair Dispatch

The Montclair Dispatch had the pleasure of attending the Grand Opening, and speaking with Emily Wittmann, the MC Hotel’s Director of Lifestyle. Emily emphasized the importance of the hotel’s collaboration with the community. In the lobby, guests and visitors can get their coffee supply from Great Notch Roasters, based out of Newark. The Montclair Brewery has worked with the MC to create a signature craft beer for patrons to enjoy. The hotel bar and restaurant, Allegory, also stocks beverages from Brooklyn Brewery and Misunderstood Whiskey, both of which are owned by Montclair residents. 

Mayor Robert Jackson // Photo By The Montclair Dispatch
Todd Cilano, Chief Operating Officer of Aparium // Photo By The Montclair Dispatch

The investment in the town is also notable in each guest room. There, the minibars are stocked with items from Montclair businesses, such as Joe’s Chips, Juice Basin, Dolly Moo, and Sweet Home Montclair. The MC even partnered with a Glenfield Middle School student’s candle company, Rose and Co., to create candle scents that are unique to the hotel. And while the hotel houses a state of the art  24-hour gym, guests will have access to passes for local gyms in the area. 

Jimmy Hanson, CEO of the Hampshire Companies // Photo Courtesy of The Montclair Dispatch
Joshua Slepian (Left) and Todd Cilano (Aparium) // Photo by The Montclair Dispatch

While wandering around the hotel, visitors will notice beautiful artwork, created by a Montclair artist by the name of Sonia Benjamin. Each painting is inspired by Benjamin’s strolls from Anderson Park to Edgemont Park, depicting different seasons and natural landscapes of Montclair.

Jeffrey Sica, President, CEO, and CIO, of Circle Square Investment // Photo by The Montclair Dispatch

The MC Hotel is bringing new energy into Montclair’s downtown area. While the hotel will welcome guests who are new to the community, those visitors will quickly become introduced to everything the town has to offer.

L-R: Christopher Jon Imperatore (Hampshire), Jimmy Hanson (Hampshire), and John Hanson (Hampshire) // Photo By The Montclair Dispatch
MC Hotel General Manager, Oscar Fontana Roos // Photo By The Montclair Dispatch

The author of the article is a Montclair native class of 2017, currently a student at McGill University, studying history and communications within the Faculty of Arts.

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