The Spot on Walnut Street

The Spot serves up home favorites in a cozy and cute location, and even accommodates its gluten-free friends with gluten-free comfort food.

Hungry? Cassie Fishkin has something that will hit The Spot.

the spot
Photo courtesy of The Spot.

The Spot’s website sums up its philosophy with one sentence: “Dress up or dress down, bring your family, your date, your dog, we’ll welcome you with a smile.” It is an inclusive, health-focused restaurant that values local produce and great flavor. Everyone in your group, from the vegan to the picky eater to the gluten-free, will find something yummy to hit just the spot at 104 Walnut St.

The Spot aims to make everything accessible to every person. Every dish is homemade (even the stock!) and every dish can be made as a gluten-free option. The Spot uses rice-based dishes, vegetable base and fresh herbs to add flavor to gluten-free options. All ingredients are locally based.

It has gained a loyal customer base after about a year in business. Recently, they have been creating more high-end food and experimenting with the menu, although the favorites remain. The menu now features milkshakes, made with ice cream from Montclair’s very own Applegate Farm, and coffee from Jim’s Organic. The menu’s bakery goods come from Balthazar Bakery.

“I think we really have to engage ourselves, in order to support the local community and economy,” owner Cassie Fishkin said. Fishkin wanted to own her own restaurant since she was a kid. She worked in restaurants growing up, and started exploring ownership when she got older. For her, owning The Spot is a dream come true.

Fishkin was diagnosed with celiac disease as a young girl. Celiac disease is diagnosed when the small intestine is hypersensitive to gluten, which causes a difficulty digesting food. Fishkin completely changed her eating habits, going gluten-free and monitoring her food choices. This became the motivation – and inspiration – for The Spot.

The Spot serves breakfast all day long, because they know growling stomachs don’t always follow the rules of typical meal times. Their french toast is a popular item, rivaled by burgers made with custom-blend steak meat, mac-and-cheese and soups. The menu is made up of indulgent dishes and good old-fashioned comfort food.

the spot
Photo courtesy of The Spot.

“Gluten-free doesn’t have to be weird,” Fishkin said, “and it doesn’t have to be expensive or restrictive. It can be great for your health.”

The Spot promotes “Wing Wednesday” with $15 bottomless wings, fries and a drink. Monday is “Kid’s Day,” featuring $6 kid’s meals all day. And every day, the restaurant features an $8 student menu with mini mac-and-cheese cups and other smaller items available for take-out. In addition, it caters to businesses to help those late-night work sessions go a little faster. Visit The Spot in person at 104 Walnut St., or remotely at Be prepared for a mouth-watering treat.

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