Third Eye Blind Brings It to Wellmont

Third Eye Blind still has it and they’ve brought it from the nineties to Montclair this past weekend.

Third Eye Blind rocks out like crazy in Montclair.

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The band, Third Eye Blind, known for songs like “Semi-Charmed Life,” “Jumper” and “How’s It Going to Be,” visited the Wellmont Theater to kick off the upcoming of their new album that has yet to be named. Though they have had their differences and have shuffled some members around, they haven’t skipped a beat and they haven’t changed their message.

Living in the moment is a concept that Third Eye Blind couldn’t stress enough. Through their music they strive to express every thought that their listeners could have ever had whether they want to think that way or not. This allows their listener to not be concerned about their darkest thoughts because they are getting it all out through music – loud music. And through their music the audience is living in the moment.

Third Eye Blind opened with “Losing A Whole Year” and the massive crowd went nuts. The show was general admission, excluding a few seated areas. People lined up early in hopes to be as close to the stage as possible. Once on the main floor, movement was highly unlikely.

Stephan Jenkins, 49, was very intimate with the crowd. He made everyone feel like they belonged together and at this show because everyone there was “your people”. In an attempt to take the audience out of their comfort zone, he insisted they introduced themselves to someone they never met during the break between songs. He also blamed himself for their new songs not coming out before the tour. Beyond playing guitar, the lead singer also performed on tambourine and whistled on the microphone.

Third Eye Blind ended the show with a phenomenal buzz, but the crowd knew it couldn’t be over because they hadn’t performed one of their biggest hits. They returned to the stage and played “Narcolepsy” along with “Semi- Charmed Life,” which brought everyone above and beyond the level of excitement they had maintained throughout the night. This song was so well known that the band did not perform the majority of it. Once they started it off everyone in the audience was able to take it from there. They completed their performance with a slightly slower song, “God of Wine,” which is unusual because most artists want to finish on an upbeat high.

Jenkins made the point that he doesn’t consider these performances as “just visiting and doing his thing.” He finds his shows to be visiting and enhancing what the audiences has going on. He went on to say that “this is the good part, right now,” when thinking of where the band is at in their career.

Third Eye Blind plan to finally record their newest album after this tour ends in late December. And after doing so, they promised to return to the Wellmont Theatre to do it all over again. You could not leave this concert without feeling the intensity of the fog filled night surrounded by hundreds of people who were feeling the same way they did.

Be sure to check out the next show at the Wellmont: Megadeath on Nov. 29, and tickets are going fast! Be sure to get yours today at

Parking is available in the lot next to the theater, but make sure to get there early! Take a walk down Bloomfield Avenue and grab a bite to eat at the many great locations, all within walking distance of the Wellmont. Surrounded by small businesses and unique eateries, this district has something for everyone to enjoy with its city like feel so close to home.

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