Tom Moloughney Gives Back to Montclair

From August 12-14, Nauna’s Bella Casa, located on Valley Road, will be having their annual Fire Sale. During the Fire Sale, prices on pizzas, chicken parmesan and pasta dinners will be slashed. Free t-shirts will also be given out, while supplies last, to customers that spend $20 or more.

Tom Moloughney gives out free t-shirts to customers that spend $20 or more.

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The Fire Sale was the brainchild of Nauna’s owner, Tom Moloughney. Moloughney came up with the idea for the Fire Sale after a kitchen fire damaged Nauna’s in July of 2011, leaving it closed for over a month.

“Right after the fire happened, so many of my friends in the community reached out to me and said, ‘What do you need me to do?’ which was so helpful,” explained Tom Moloughney, “Scott [Kennedy] from Studio042 came right up with signs for the windows that said ‘Temporarily Closed, But We’ll Be Back.’ It was so heartwarming to see everyone pitch in.”

When it came time for Nauna’s to reopen in August of 2011, Tom Moloughney wanted to find a way to not only thank the community that had helped him, but also make the statement that Nauna’s was back and ready to do business.

“When you’re closed for a month, you have to let everyone know when you’re open again,” said Tom Moloughney. “The Fire Sale was our way of letting everyone know that we were back.”

The sale was an overwhelming success. The food couldn’t be made fast enough; Nauna’s had lines out the door and thousands of pizzas were sold to hungry Montclairians. It was so successful that it gave Tom Moloughney the idea to hold an annual Fire Sale, that way he could could commemorate Nauna’s reopening and thank his customers for their support on a yearly basis.

“I think what’s so special about the Fire Sale is that you typically don’t see a sale like this at a restaurant,” explained Tom Moloughney. “Fire Sales typically take place at businesses that sell clothes or furniture because they have an inventory. With restaurants there is really nothing to clear out because you have no inventory with food, you cook everything you have fresh and you sell it.”

And so, from the ashes of a kitchen fire, the Fire Sale was born. However, half price pizza isn’t the only way Tom Moloughney gives back to Montclair.

“Tom has always supported the community from which he derives his income. ‘Thinking Local’ in his purchasing, hiring and donations serves multiple ends, it strengthens the local economy and endears him and his operations to a much wider community,” shared Studio042 owner and friend of Moloughney, Kennedy.

Tom Moloughney is truly an asset to the Montclair economy; his practice of hiring local has given many Montclairians, and others from surrounding towns, a job.

“We certainly make an effort to hire local. We always try to recruit from the high school and Montclair State University. We want to keep as many of the employees that work here local because it not only helps the local economy, but ties you to the community because you’re getting to know them and their family and friends,” explained Tom Moloughney. “It really makes you a community anchor.”

Tom Moloughney is also very involved in not just boosting the local economy, but helping the Montclair Township workers, especially the Montclair Police Department.

“The policemen come to Nauna’s a lot. I’ve catered their parties and served them when they’re working. Over the years, I’ve gotten to know a lot of them very well,” shared Moloughney, “I was a big supporter of their DARE program and continue to support their local union and contribute to their fundraisers.”

Detective Ray Gulbin, the current representative for the MPD Policemen’s Benevolent Association, attests to Tom Moloughney’s tireless support.

“During Hurricane Sandy, when the officers were working overtime overseeing the clean up, Tom was extremely helpful. He donated pizzas to feed all the officers who were working so hard,” said Gulbin.

This is no anomaly. TomMoloughney is normally eager to lend a helping hand to any of the township workers during a time of disaster or need. “Whenever there’s a crisis, town workers need to be fed. Nauna’s has always donated food,” said Moloughney. “We’re always sending pizzas to the workers without asking for anything in return because they’ve helped us, so we’ll always help them when they need it.”

Even in his free time, Tom Moloughney continues to do good for not just the Montclair community, but for the environment as well. Moloughney is a nationally recognized proponent of electric cars and owner of the BMW ActiveE, one of the most advanced electric models.

“I get asked to speak at many different functions in towns all over,” explained Moloughney. “Two of the main reasons I drive and advocate for electric cars revolve around the fact that the fuel used is a domestic product from here in the United States. The money I pay for the electricity used by my car goes straight to local and regional power companies- which is a huge benefit for our economy. Another reason is that the electricity I use was created by sunlight which means the car is a zero emission vehicle which improves the overall air quality.”

For the past 26 years, Tom Moloughney and Nauna’s have seen excellent success in both business and community assistance.

“I think part of the reason we’ve had success is because we do stay active in the community,” commented Moloughney. “We’ve always made a real effort to reach out to the community and tried to stay involved in all the school events and local charities. We’re a community business.”

Kennedy believe’s Nauna’s success can also be attributed to Moloughney’s hardworking nature.

“I’ve known Tom since 2001. He sets the bar high for the rest of us business owners and is a living example of how a successful business is run,” explained Kennedy. “Tom’s success is no accident; he works long and hard at it.”

Moloughney can be visited at Nauna’s, located on Valley Road in Montclair. For more information on the restaurant, photos or catering menus, visit their website.

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