Turtleneck Styles for the Fall

A Turtleneck is a very versatile piece that can be paired with many clothing items to look chic this fall. Visit Oasis for their fashion assistance.

Learn how to style your turtlenecks from Oasis.

Woman wearing turtleneck
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If you were anything like me as a child, then you probably hated turtlenecks.  I always thought that they were just itchy and uncomfortable sweaters that my mom would make me wear to stay warm.  As it turns out, mom was definitely on to something!  The turtleneck is one of the most undervalued layering pieces around right now.  The cold weather is no match for this high-neck fashion item that provides the perfect amount of skin coverage.  What makes this trend even hotter is the versatility factor.  A turtleneck can be paired with anything from a casual pair of jeans to an evening skirt for a chic night out.  If you are desperately in need of some outfit inspiration then we have you covered with the five most chic pieces to wear with a turtleneck this fall!

  •  Polo shirt.  Preppy meets high fashion with this unlikely pair.  The polo shirt is notoriously a summer piece, but adding the turtleneck for warmth makes it fall appropriate and almost unrecognizable.  The sleeves from the turtleneck blend right in with the sleeves of the polo, making for one unique shirt.  For an even edgier look, try color blocking by wearing a light polo shirt and a dark turtleneck together.
  •  Dress.  Don’t put away that sleeveless dress just yet!  Turn almost any frock in your closet into a sweater dress for fall using a turtleneck.  Simply layer the dress over the turtleneck to look instantly chic.  As a bonus, choose a dress with cutouts or unique features like an open back.  For extra coverage, style the look with some over-the-knee boots.
  •  Suit.  Who says a suit has to be boring?  Pair a black suit with a white turtleneck for an eye-catching look that will scream professional for the office.  For a look that’s less dramatic style a suit with a turtleneck of the same hue.
  •  Overalls.  Like a polo shirt, overalls tend to be classified as a summer fashion item.  However, nothing says fall quite like dark hues, so try to find a pair in olive, gray, brown or black.  The black leather look is also on trend right now.  Adding a turtleneck gives this sleeveless piece the extra layer that it needs for those chilly fall days.
  •  Evening skirt.  There’s no question that you can never go wrong with wearing a little black dress for a night on the town.  As tempting as it may be to reach for that go-to ensemble, sometimes it can be fun to change things up a little.  After all, it can be difficult to stand out in a restaurant full of LBD’s.  Instead, use a turtleneck as a top to go with a fancy evening skirt.  This look is not only classy but also very fashion forward, so prepare for all eyes on you!

No fall wardrobe is complete without the perfect layering piece.  You can find several different kinds of turtleneck tops available at Oasis clothing located on 40 Church St. in Montclair, N.J.  Oasis has cute, quality clothing at affordable prices and a very friendly staff!

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