Tutor Shack of Montclair

If your child is struggling in school, the Tutor Shack might be the place for you.

Tutor Shack helps academics.

tutor shack
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The Tutor Shack is a tutoring facility available for students of all ages located off Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair.

The Tutor Shack, founded by Princeton University graduate and former Rutgers University professor, Josh Kutchai, has been tutoring students of all educational levels over the last 12 years. Whether Kutchai is tutoring a student in a specific subject or tutoring a student in preparation for the SAT test, the company has improved students’ grades, increased SAT scores by over 300 points, increased ACT scores by over five points and much more.

The Tutor Shack offers a variety of tutoring that is available to people of all ages and levels. The Tutor Shack offers standardized test preparation including SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests, AP Tests, PSAT, SSAT, ISEE, COOP, GMAT, LSAT and more.

It also offers test anxiety counseling. Test anxiety is the fear of failing before or while taking an important exam, that ultimately prevents you from performing as well. At The Tutor Shack, Kutchai and his team of tutors take a unique approach to test anxiety and help students gain a sense of focus and confidence.

As well as offering standardized test preparation, it offers curriculum tutoring. Each tutor specializes in giving help with all elementary, middle and high school subjects. Just to list a few, the Tutor Shack can help you in these following subjects: elementary math, pre-algebra, algebra (I & II), geometry, biology, chemistry, physics, writing, literature, U.S. history, world history and study skills as well.

The Tutor Shack just recently began offering live video tutoring for those who live too far away from the facility. With that, it offers live video tutoring sessions in all subjects, including SAT/ACT.

For students interested in receiving tutoring help from the Tutor Shack, all you need to do is get in touch with Josh Kutchai; his information can be found on TutorShack.com. On that website, students will also find the subject they are looking to be tutored in or the standardized test. Although there is a long list of options for potential tutoring, Kutchai guarantees that if a student needs help with something not listed on the site, he can find them a tutor regardless. “I have an amazing network at this point,” said Kutchai.

When asked his favorite part of the Tutor Shack, Kutchai said, “I get the opportunity to be a part of a student’s transformation on multiple levels. Every once in awhile, a kid comes in really defeated: no self-esteem, no confidence, low SAT scores, low grades… it’s bad news all around. I’ve seen scared little girls and boys turn into confident, high achieving young women and men before my eyes.”

If you are interested in learning more information about the Tutor Shack, visit tutorshack.com or give them a call at 973-746-4452.

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