Wellmont Theater: New Ownership

The Wellmont Theater has been purchased by the Pinnacle Companies and is undergoing renovations to host bigger and better events in part by Live Nation.

The Wellmont Theater is undergoing big renovations

The Wellmont Theater is getting a big facelift–extreme even, as it has been purchased for a large sum by The Pinnacle Companies and partners. Today, however, its doors are closed as it undergoes renovations.

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In a recent press release by the Pinnacle Companies, they said, “The team has closed the theater and is currently investing significant dollars to renovate and upgrade the iconic property, originally built in 1922, into a world-class live entertainment venue.”

While the historic entertainment venue underwent a $3 million dollar renovation in 2008, Brian M. Stolar, president and CEO of the Pinnacle Companies, has plans to “bring it up to its full potential as a regional attraction,” with the help of many contributors and partners, of course. One of those major partners is Live Nation Entertainment, “the largest concert promoter in the world.” The Wellmont Theater is expected to reopen in September and with that, Live Nation “will program and manage an expanded lineup of performances and programming.”

While more shows–bigger and better than ever–are planned for the future of the Wellmont Theater, many significant performers and movies have taken residency there over the last 93 years. From the Beach Boys to Billy Idol, comedian Demetri Martin to the Styx and more, the Wellmont Theater has provided fans of all appetites with unforgettable experiences. (Fun fact: Thomas Edison used to attend movies at Montclair’s very own theater in the 1930s!)

Live Nation’s regional vice president Sean Striegel says many more major shows are on the way, “”We’re planning to offer more shows and a greater variety of live entertainment options at the Wellmont than before – with a mix of small, medium and large performances.”

Although the Wellmont Theater already houses capacities of 2,600+, the Pinnacle Company is seeking out other buildings neighboring their new purchase in an effort to expand the venue and “to support the future, long-term success of the theater in particular and the arts district overall.”

Currently, the largest venue local to Montclair is located at 5 Seymour St., off of Bloomfield Ave.

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