Whitesnake and Their Greatest Hits

Be a part of the great Whitesnake's tour as they stop by Montclair's popular venue, The Wellmont Theater, on Tuesday, June 21.

Whitesnake’s 2016 Tour takes them to the Wellmont Theater. 

Photo courtesy of Live Nation.

Enjoy your Tuesday night with Whitesnake at the Wellmont Theater at 8 p.m. on June 21. The Wellmont Theater is located on 5 Seymour St. in Montclair and is selling tickets through Live Nation.

Whitesnake is a rock band formed in England in 1978 by David Coverdale. Their music is more commercially accessible rock style. They released a string of UK top 10 albums such as Ready an’ Willing (1980), Come an’ Get It (1981), Saints & Sinners (1982) and Slide It In (1984).

The band consist of David Coverdale as the lead vocals, Tommy Aldridge at drums, Reb Beach at guitar and backing vocals, Michael Devin at bass, harmonica, Joel Hoekstra at guitar and Michele Luppi at keyboards.

After a hiatus, they reformed in 2002 and have been touring ever since. They have released three studio albums titled Good to Be Bad (2008), Forevermore (2011) and The Purple Album (2015). In the year 2005, Whitesnake was named the 85th greatest hard rock band of all time by VH1.

Parking is available, courtesy of Montclair Parking. They have parking lots located at:

  • 7 N. Willow St.
  • 19 N. Fullerton Ave. at the Chase Bank
  • 159 Glenridge Ave. at the YMCA
  • 172 Glenridge Ave. (corner of Glenridge Ave. and N. Willow St.)

For an early dinner, try stopping by to Mishmish beforehand. They are located on 215 Glenridge Ave. They can be contacted at 973-337-5648. Mishmish is a restaurant that offers a healthy cuisine made with seasonal and locally sourced food with a Mediterranean focus. The Owner and Executive Chef, Meny Vaknin, has demonstrated his cooking talents on the award winning Food Network competition show. Although he had gained a tremendous amount of skills from his formal studies, his true teachers were his Moroccan mother and grandmothers as taught with love. Vaknin has truly created a rich culinary legacy for himself and the town of Montclair.

“I’ve only had the Shepherd Salad with Chicken so far, but I can already tell that the day I get to actually dine in at Mishmish, it will be mind blowing,” said Kenneth Pariona, intrigued prospect.

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