Wine Cellar: Come Open A Bottle

Start the holiday with something to be thankful for from the Wine Cellar.

Wine Cellar wants you to try their great selections.

With a table full of food, glasses need to be filled and to get the holidays started, the Montclair Wine Cellar is a convenient boutique wine shop that can accommodate your festivities.

The Wine Cellar is a small shop that sells wines from a wide variety of regions, as well as sells beer and liquor. Located along Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair, N.J., stop in this week to snag your parents a bottle of red to go along with their Thanksgiving lasagna or a white to chill and sip before your meal.

Wines from different countries
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This has me question the myth of tryptophan, is it solely the turkey or does the empty bottle have to do with the Thanksgiving siestas? What ever your reasoning for calling it an early night, make sure you drink your prime purchase in the comfort of your home with the company of the ones you are thankful for.

Now remember the days that follow the holidays. After you have polished off the leftovers of a casserole for breakfast and the turkey sandwich lunches, you will want to exercise your palate for a night out of the house. The location of the shop, the Wine Cellar, is all the hype.

Montclairions know the staple of “bringing your own bottle” when dining out and with a plethora of restaurants along Bloomfield Avenue and the surrounding Montclair area, and you’ll need to be stocked even after the holidays. However, when you realize last minute that your fridge has either been robbed, or you have finished off the bottle from last night, you can quickly stop to pick up your choice of drink on the way to your dinner spot. You live and you learn to plan ahead, yet the Wine Cellar was such an easy destination on the way to dinner plans.

What really makes the Wine Cellar stand out, owner Ben Husenaj jokes, “It is the employees that make The Wine Cellar unique.” Following a smile toward one working, he stated, “We cater a wide variety of items to all incomes.”

If you want to discover different wine types and explore different wine regions, head down to the cellar and discover the tastes of France, Italy, Australia or even Spain from your home in Montclair. The Montclair Wine Cellar is located at 402 Bloomfield Avenue and is open Monday through Wednesday from 12 p.m. to 10 p.m. and Thursday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.

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