Woodhouse Day Spa: You Deserve It

Spoil yourself or someone else and spend some time relaxing and reviving at Woodhouse Day Spa. Find out what the entire craze is about below.

Kick back and relax with Woodhouse Day Spa

Facial SPA massage
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You have a busy schedule – we get it; and often, that hectic life of yours starts to show on your face. Make some room and spoil yourself with a spa treatment. Make it a full day or a quick hour – you deserve it. The Woodhouse Day Spa for men and women will take care of all anti-aging worries and distress your body and mind in no time. Woodhouse is recommend by a ton of fellow neighbors and was also ranked as one of the top 50 spas in New Jersey by njmom.com. They are said to have “the best mani/pedis!”

In honor of the heavy stress that was lifted off of my shoulders upon the end of my college semester, I took a trip down to Woodhouse Day Spa to see what all the fuss was about. Not to my surprise, the town gossip was as accurate as could be. I entered a spa full of great professionals and people. The specialist gave me a full consultation and let me in on the top treatments offered; even further, she made it personal by specifying what options were best for my lifestyle. (Side note: they were super organized.)

I had my sights set on a facial and with choices ranging from skincare to body massages, I opted for Woodhouse Signature Minkyti, a seaweed facial that regenerates your skin. The 80-minute Minkyti treatment relaxes your face and shoulder muscles while the facemask and fresh seaweed rejuvenate your facial skin cells. My Woodhouse specialist began with a warm and creamy deep massage and gently laid fresh seaweed on my face to soak it with the rich nutrients it needs. Like any good masseuse, the massage set me in a calm trance that I dreamt never would end. This spa can shed years off your face, mind and body.

Now, what’s the price for some quality R&R? Of course, it varies depending on your spa selection, but for my glorious Minkyti facial and massage, I happily spent $160. I have to say; money has never been better spent. For about two bucks per minute I walked out of the spa and back into the real world feeling like a new person – more refreshed than ever before – and probably looking like one, too.

Woodhouse Day Spa offers gift cards that are sure to please any friend or loved one. Don’t be afraid to love yourself first, though, and gift yourself a trip to revive.

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