Yalo & Me: European Cuisine

Yalo & Me offers great European cuisine, giving you authentic delicacies such as crepes and gelato right in Montclair so bring your family and friends!

Yalo & Me is bring Europe to Montclair!

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Europe is a destination that many people love to visit or dream of visiting one day. Luckily enough for New Jerseyans, Montclair is home to a European-style bistro. Instead of packing your bags and hopping on a 10-hour flight, take a quick trip over to 49 Church Street and visit Yalo & Me Bistro. Inside this Italian inspired bistro you will be greeted by a warm and delightful staff, a welcoming atmosphere and the smell of fresh coffee and savory crepes will consume you. The menu is packed with crepes of all kinds, an abundance of gelato flavors, brunch options and loads of specialty coffees.

As someone who has had a few European adventures and tasted first hand authentic crepes and gelato, I was a bit skeptical to visit Yalo & Me. I will be the first to admit that I went in with a closed mind, and I could not have been more wrong! The instant I parked my car my mind immediately changed. Customers were seated outside enjoying the company of others or some were simply enjoying their alone time with the newspaper or a great read. I could not wait to grab some crepes and a cup of coffee and join them outside!

I ordered the “La Poire” savory crepe to begin. Made with light and fluffy organic wheat batter and perfectly stuffed with turkey, caramelized pear, cranberries and brie, this crepe was amazing! For dessert I obviously had to have a sweet crepe but the choice was not easy. With so many delicious options I finally decided on the “Black & White.” Their sweet crepes are made with organic sweet batter and this one had both white and dark chocolate, mixed berries and whipped cream. Again, amazing! Yalo & Me has only been around since April 2014 but has already claimed their spot in their customers’ hearts.

Hala and Samer Ghanem or the proud owners of Yalo & Me, (they also own Boone Studio fitness on Church Street) and they came up with their creative name because of their daughters. Yalo is the name they gave to a female character in the bedtime story they created to tell their daughters before bed each night. They are always wiling to experiment with new things so you can almost always find new specials to try, free coffee week, live music and so much more. Head over to Yalo and me for a relaxing a delicious meal! Find out more about Yalo & Me on their website www.yaloandme.com.

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