YMCA of Montclair: Summer Fun

The YMCA of Montclair offers great programs throughout the summer to make sure your children get off the couch, get outside and have a great time.

YMCA of Montclair summer programs.

Kids having fun swimming on summer vacation
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School will be out in less than a month, which means that kids will be home for the summer. With nothing to do but sit inside all day and play video games, parents get frustrated with the lack of motivation children have to go outside and play. With the beautiful outdoor scenery of Montclair, some students still seem to lose interest in the activities of socializing with nature and remain inside to play Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto or The Last of Us. What are parents to do when they distress about their children’s well being? With school out, parents still work in the summer (in some cases) and they don’t have time to tend to their child as well. This is one of the many reasons why YMCA of Montclair offers summer camps to give kids the opportunity to be outside for the summer – and enjoy it!

According to YMCA’s summer camp guide, “At YMCA of Montclair Camps we build strong kids that nurture positive values. Your children will be well cared for, have a great time, develop self- confidence and experience the Y Character Development at its best.” Each one of these camp programs are licensed by the state to ensure top priority to your child and their safety. With a total of 17 outdoor camps, there is an experience for every child. Camps are grouped by age and range between ages 2-15. Also, all camps are 10 week sessions. Each session is billed individually. Typically, these sessions range between the $130-300 price range per week. Depending on which camp you decide for your child will determine the cost for that specific camp.

Summer outdoor camps include a wide range of activities, from going out to the lake to challenging minds of young children through books and even showing children the gift of science. Some workshops even include showing children how to get an interview and build resumes. One of the most famous camps the YMCA of Montclair offers is the Camp at the Lake. Not only will your children spend their time at a lake enjoying themselves, they will also be able to participate in archery, low ropes, sports and arts. It’s an all-in-one camp.

With the YMCA of Montclair, all residents can have the comfort of knowing that their children will be active this summer.

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