Yogi Berra Stadium

Montclair is home to the Yogi Berra Stadium and the Museum and Learning Center, both which offer great activities perfect for the whole family.

Yogi Berra Stadium brings family fun to Montclair.

yogi berra stadium
Photo courtesy of wikipedia.org.

Spring is in full swing as we reach May, and probably one of the greatest American pastimes to do in the spring is to catch a baseball game. I myself am an avid baseball fan, and one of the perks about being in Montclair is the amazing baseball field Yogi Berra Stadium at Montclair State University. The stadium can be easily accessed from the Garden State Parkway, Route 3, Valley Road and is located right next to the New Jersey Transit train station.

Currently, the stadium is hosting the school’s own baseball team games on the weekends and weekdays. On a nice weekend, families can come down and watch some early spring baseball. The baseball field itself is comparable to some of the major league stadiums. The field is perfectly maintained with the grass always being freshly cut and the facility as a whole being very well kept and clean.

Not only is this a baseball field but also located at the entrance is the Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center. This is also an amazing attraction holding many sports memorabilia and hosting a collection of Yankee sports history, which includes the well presented area for Yogi Berra and his great career with the Yankees. Berra is immortalized outside the museum as a statue.

Another perk to this stadium is the events that are held here, including the NCAA tournaments and outdoor concerts. Some great past performances here include Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson.

Some brief history on the stadium, provided by www.montclairathletics.com, states that it was opened in 1998 and was built to seat 3,700. The stadium was named after the great Yankee player Yogi Berra who is in the baseball hall of fame. There is also a museum attached to the stadium which is dedicated to Yogi Berra. The stadium is also home to the New Jersey Jackals, who are the local state team.

Whether you want to spend the day with the family at a baseball game or go to see something different and educational, the Yogi Berra Stadium and museum is the place for you. Between the family-friendly scenery and the convenience of being so accessible by public transportation, this will make any weekend memorable.

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