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Young World Ballers offers co-ed programs for children of all ages and skill levels. It allows children to grasps life lessons while having fun.

Young World Ballers scores a slam dunk.

The joy of playing basketball
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Young World Ballers is a co-ed youth basketball training facility with a variety programs for kids of all ages and skill levels.

If there was ever a place for kids to have fun while improving on their basketball skills from a dedicated staff, the Young World Ballers facility is it.  Young World Ballers is a profound basketball program based in Bloomfield, N.J., where an organization of elite coaches provide services to a target audience of children that are in first through seventh grade.  With eight instructors who are all P.C.A. certified with at least five years experience playing basketball, coaching, and training youth players, it’s easy to see that this is an organization that values quality.

The Young World Ballers facility provides a variety of services including camps, classes, private lessons, and clinics.  At the camps there is a great opportunity for the youth to develop basketball skills, learn game strategies, and make new friends outside of school.  During classes, children will learn proper mechanics and techniques to practice any skill they wish to improve upon.  In private lessons kids can feel prepared for try-outs, or catch up to teammates with one-on-one time that can provide the tools that are best fit for each individual’s need.   On the other hand, clinics are tailor-made for specific skills using dynamic in-game drills and vigorous teaching that will help a child’s mental, physical, and emotional growth.

What sets the Young World Ballers program apart from its competitors is the willingness to work with children of all skill levels.  The facility also features equipment that is often exclusively used by professional athletes, such as shooting guns, a Vertamax, and prototype training tools that have not yet been released to the general public.  With a combination of individual lessons, group lessons, and actual game playing time, the program promises improvement using intense training, fitness and basketball I.Q. incorporated drills, and a passionate team of coaches.

In addition to in-house training, Young World Ballers also offers a service called Edutainment, a program that aims to provide education and entertainment all in one.  The primary goal of Edutainment is to help kids learn how to play basketball by incorporating educational content such as the mathematics of counting, science of angles, and gravity of movement.  Some schools that have been with the program for over two years to date include Hillside School, located in Montclair and Mt. Pleasant School, located in West Orange.

Coach Lammar Young, the pioneer of Young World Ballers, who has been coaching for over 20 years now said, “We are giving the kids an opportunity that they wouldn’t have elsewhere.  Watching them improve and seeing the success that comes from that is my favorite part about being a coach.”

When Coach Lammar is not training the next and up coming basketball stars, he’s volunteering his time as a coach for a well-known organization, “Hilltoppers Heat AAU.” Coach Lammar has recently returned from Orlando, Florida with a second place title in the AAU International Nationals on top of having won 1st place in NJ States AAU, 3rd place in zero gravity nationals in Boston, and 1st place in USBA nationals in Myrtle Beach.  With the support of the community he can continue to teach our youth, “life lessons from court view.”

Come visit the Young World Ballers facility today located on 675 Bloomfield Ave. in Bloomfield, N.J.!  You can also visit their website at: or contact them by phone: (862) 754-8000.

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