‘Zoolander 2’ Review

Ben Stiller brings back everyone’s favorite fashion fool 15 years after-the-fact in ‘Zoolander 2.’

‘Zoolander 2’ is a reminder to Hollywood that slapping a ‘two’ on it doesn’t make it any better.

zoolander 2
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There’s no other way to say it. Despite my consistent dwelling, it can be argued that film’s current overload of sequels, remakes and spinoffs is just an ugly phase. However, if powerhouse companies like Marvel and Lucasfilm continue on their ascent into financial glory, I fear that creativity and the overall “magic” of Hollywood will be lost in the transition. And that’s where Zoolander 2 comes in. On the outside, it might just seem like another crappy attempt towards a nostalgic pay-day.

Ben Stiller brings back Derek Zoolander, a fashion icon that finds his audience in the lows of his sheer stupidity. In this sequel, we find Derek in hiding 15 years after The Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good and Who Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too collapses into Manhattan’s East River, bringing down his wife in the process.

Additionally, we learn that the incompetent Derek has lost touch with his son, Derek, Jr., after he is taken from him at the age of six. Hence, in an attempt to win back his son’s trust and love, Derek, along with his trusty sidekick, Hansel, must work with Fashion Interpol to take down the almighty, prison-broken Mugatu.

I can continue to go into further detail, which would involve the Fountain of Youth, a plastic-looking Kristen Wiig and legendary front-man Sting. Nonetheless, this lack of explanation is proof that too many plotlines can really make a 95-minute comedy feel like a chaotic frenzy of familiar faces. Sure, the occasional cameo can be fun and unexpected, but is it really worth the integrity of it all?

Before you rip your movie ticket into a million confetti-like shreds, I should mention that I did laugh. There are one-liners to spare, some of them even being followed with the occasional chuckle. Yet, director and co-writer Ben Stiller sprinkles them on top of the messiest claim of a plotline that I’ve seen in years.

Zoolander 2 was definitely not as good as the first one, but it still had me dying of laughter at several points,” said Montclair State University sophomore Casey Owens. “I think that was the point of making a sequel, and it succeeded in that sense. Owen Wilson as Hansel also holds a special place in my heart.”

Altogether, this sequel truly left me hoping that Derek Zoolander will not be seeing the big screen again anytime soon. Furthermore, it might just be for the better. Hollywood needs new ideas, new characters and (most importantly) new reasons to go into a movie theatre. Old laughs can be sentimental and all, but new ones can be just as fashionable.

 Zoolander 2 is now playing locally! Some theaters include AMC Clifton Commons 16, AMC Essex Green 9 in West Orange, and even Bow Tie Bellevue Cinemas 4 in the heart of downtown Montclair. For more theaters and a list of upcoming show-times, visit fandango.com today!

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