Zura Hot Yoga

Zura, located in Montclair's Lackawanna Plaza, specializes in hot yoga but offers everything from traditional yoga classes to Pilates and belly dancing.

Hot yoga classes at Zura are like no other!

Photo courtesy of Zura Montclair.

Zura, a yoga studio located at 18 Lackawanna Plaza, offers classes that range from traditional hot yoga to Pilates and belly dancing. The studio opened in August after the closing of Be Evolution Yoga, which was located in the same building. 

According to Rebecca Frezza, one of the studio’s six owners, Zura was opened solely as a hot yoga studio which it specializes in, but has grown to include different types of yoga, dance and movement classes done in both the hot room and the mild-temperature studio.

“I have found that the the traditional 90-mintue Bikram class time is too long for a lot of people. We are now starting to offer shorter classes to accommodate more peoples’ schedules,” said Frezza. “Coming from a dance background, I also find that classes like Pilates, kickboxing and belly dancing complement hot yoga well and add to the experience of our clients.”

Hot yoga, which originated in India hundreds of years ago, is typically practiced in temperatures ranging from 96 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The class, which started to become popular in the early 1970s, is comprised of slow movement between 26 poses with the same progression every class.

According to Frezza, it is the unchanging progression between poses that makes hot yoga so meditative. “I find that some of our students listen to the instructor every class but others, after coming a couple times, learn the progression and enter their own reflective, personal states of mind,” said Frezza.

As reported by an article in Best Health magazine about the practice of hot yoga, the benefits to practicing come from the human body’s response to movement in hot, humid conditions. The benefit most praised by practitioners is detoxification which is caused by the release of toxins through the skin through heavy sweating.  The high temperatures also allow class members and students to go deeper into all the poses more safely and comfortably without a high risk for injury.

More information about Zura can be found on its website, zuramontclair.com, and on its Facebook page. Class sign-up can be done via their website or in-person in Lackawanna Plaza.

To get in contact with an owner or instructor, give the studio a call at 973-233-0414 or send them an email at info@zuramontclair.com.

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