3Sixty Cycling Studio in Montclair

Montclair residents need look no further for their fitness needs, as 3sixty Cycling and Fitness provide multiple ways to get you in shape.

3Sixty Cycling and Fitness Studio strives to keep Montclair fit!

Photo by Eve Mahaney for The Montclair Dispatch.

There is a level of commitment to fitness in Montclair, so it is no surprise that 3sixty Cycling and Fitness Studio has become a popular place for residents to get their workout in. 3sixty provides fitness and strength in many forms. While spinning (indoor, stationary biking) is its main form of exercise, 3sixty has expanded to bring fitness to its customers through Barre workouts, Zumba and erging (indoor rowing). The studio is located at 4 Lackawanna Plaza, a perfectly central location for all those hoping to understand what the studio is all about, and why many adults, young and old, have chosen it as a primary location for their fitness needs.

3sixty makes it very easy for newcomers to see what is available for them. Many people have not tried the relatively new forms of exercising that include what 3sixty provides, and so the studio makes it available for new customers to enjoy one free class in each of their studios, spinning, erging and fitness. On top of this, 3sixty also encourages a pay by the class format of payment, which is great for those who are still unsure about how they want to do cardio.

Robert Welles, a former customer of 3sixty, explained why he still holds a high regard for the company and what they do there. I was looking to get fit fast because of a half marathon my wife signed us up for,” said Welles. “While I dont particularly enjoy fitness, 3sixty made it easy to do as much as I want without making me feel pressured to go back and get my moneys worth.

With the amount of experience in the training staff, its clear that customers get their moneys worth with each class. Amongst the instructors is Glenn Trunley, a formerly ranked triathlete and cyclist, and Jennifer Deluccia, who is so qualified in the area of fitness and health that her workouts are raved about online. On top of their qualification for the job, everyone that works are 3sixty is profoundly nice and helpful. It is as though the whole studio is committed to making everyone want to enjoy fitness, and make it feel like fun even when it seems impossibly hard.

Photo by Eve Mahaney for The Montclair Dispatch.

On top of having the resources needed to keep Montclair residents fit and healthy, 3sixty has formed a great relationship with the town and its athletes. Mark Cohen, the owner of the studio, is a tremendous supporter to Montclair High School athletics, especially the crew team. Over the past couple of years, Montclairs crew team, one of the largest and most successful at the school, has enjoyed the support of 3sixty during its winter training season.

Coach of the crew team, Lorna Rundle, has expressed her gratitude towards Cohen and his studios encouragement and help towards the sport. For the past two years, Mark has been very generous with his fitness resources to help the crew team,” said Rundle. “As we have no access to water and boats during the winter, being able to cross-train is important to the development of our rowers.

It is clear that Cohen and his employees are doing a service to the Montclair community with 3sixty.

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