Adoptee Reflection During Springtime

This time of the year, adoptees cannot help thinking about the message of re-birth that the season of spring & the holidays of Passover and Easter represent.

Adoptee represent a divine loyalty.

Adoption letters
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As flowers blossom during the lovely spring season and we honor the most famous adoptee, Moses, and the resurrection of Jesus, many adoptees look inward and explore their own re-birth through adoption.

Many wish to follow in the footsteps of Moses and connect with their biological relatives, but are opposed by adoption brokers and archaic adoption laws that seal away their birth identity forever. In which can be a very grieving and stressful matter at times.

In the past, adoption brokers, like modern day Pharaohs, declared that children of unwed mothers should be taken away.  This “cleansing” required the incredible burden of a multitude of lies.  Birth mothers were told they should lie to their next mate and deny a life-altering event ever happened. Many birth fathers were told to lie since the product of their affair would be hidden away, and some adoptive parents were told to make a lie of omission and never tell their child he or she is adopted.

Today, the NJ-ACLU and NJ Right-to-Life, with no true interest in adoption, are bearing false witness. They proclaim secret adoption is a healthy “choice,” transparency in adoption will increase abortion rates and that birth parents are hiding from their children.  All are false claims unsubstantiated by any research.  May all adoptees know this injustice, join the fight and help bring our people to the Promised Land, an earthly connection to our roots and equal treatment by our government.

Adoption is a very delicate matter that should be respected for the wholesome heartfelt kindness it truly has. However, today’s society overlooks that crucial point and place a horrendous factor in the mist of things.

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