Anthropologie Brings Fashion to the Fall

Among the many shops on Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair sits Anthropologie, a cozy fashion and home decor store with plenty to offer all who walk through the doors.

Anthropologie is a fashionista’s best friend.

Walking down Bloomfield Avenue, the warm sunrays and the cool fall breeze are another reminder that winter is almost here.   Outside in front of the cafés’ sit various couples enjoying their lattes and espressos snuggled in their oversized sweaters with warm colored scarves. Across the street on the corner of Church Street, stands a cozy store calling me in through its window’s fashion and home décor.

A friendly voice welcomes me as I step on the cherry oak floors of Anthropologie. Now I’m all about fashion, but I notice that there is quite still a lot for me to explore and I’m certainly glad I came out to Bloomfield Avenue for some fashion adventure. I have never heard of this place and it was to my surprise that there are 175 branches of this store in the United States, making this store quite unique.

Photo courtesy of Kiara Estevez.

Oversized sweaters and cardigans are very much in for the fall. At Anthropologie, I am happy to see many of these pieces in their front line display of the store. I fell in love with a knitted sweater that has a light rose floral print on the back. On the second floor, there is also a clothing display of deep colored slim cored pants (maroon and mustard), with oversized sweaters to combine. A gorgeous fall outfit! Their jeans and pants range from twenty-four to thirty-two in size, twenty-four being the smallest. Their sweaters and cardigans range from x-small to large in selective styles. I tried on a pair of the maroon cored pants, and let me tell you—they feel great! Very comfortable and warm, a great piece to wear with boots, which you can also find here.


Photo courtesy of Kiara Estevez.

At Anthropologie you can find some fall dresses too. That’s the cool thing about the fall; it gives you so much to play with when it comes to clothing. Dresses can be paired up with stockings, scarves, jackets and boots, which this store also has variety of. If you don’t like much color, you can stick to the basics with black and grey, but once stepping foot in Anthropologie you will notice the warm invitation to try something new.

At this cozy fashion store, you also find cool items like notebooks, housewares, quilts, furniture pieces and home décor. It’s a “destination for women wanting a curated mix of clothing, accessories, gifts and home décor that reflects their personal style and fuels their lives, from fashion to art to entertaining.” It’s about “feeling your best and good old-fashioned service.”

This store is located at 470 Bloomfield Avenue for your fashion and accessory service, and for more information you can also visit their website.

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