Art Exhibit Featuring MHS Students

The eighth Annual Advanced Placement Studio Art Exhibition at the Maplewood Arts Center featured works by some of Montclair’s very own AP Art Students.

This astounding art accomplishment goes to show that Montclair has much to offer.

The Maplewood Arts Center presented its eighth Annual Advanced Placement Studio Art Exhibition in Maplewood, N.J., located at 1978 Springfield Avenue, during the past few weeks. Four talented students of Montclair High School – Monique Baltzer, Brezaja Hutcheson, Jacqueline Qui and Leah Shapiro – were granted the amazing opportunity to have their artwork incorporated in the display.

The exhibit was open to the public from Saturday, Dec. 19 through Sunday, Jan. 10. During this time, individuals from all over New Jersey, including residents of Montclair and surrounding communities, traveled to the venue to see the amazing artwork. These high school students showed off their skills with works including still life and self-portrait, along with a variety of other styles.

montclair high school art exhibit
Photo courtesy of Rachel Hanrahan.

Advanced Placement Studio Art is a course offered to the students of Montclair High School on a college level. The purpose of this program is to prepare these aspiring artists with an advanced art portfolio. These portfolios are then sent to the colleges of their choice, in lieu of the traditional AP exam. This gives the college an inside look on the talent being brought to them by a school of such gifted art students. These students enter the course with an excelled knowledge in an assortment of techniques including drawing, painting, etc. Throughout time, these students enhance their personal skills while developing new methodologies such as photography, graphic design and/or sculpture.

According to the Maplewood Arts Center website (, “Advanced Placement Studio Art students demonstrate the skills and ideas developed, refined, and applied throughout high school to produce visual compositions worthy of college credit. [It] is a class for students who are seriously interested in the practical experience of art and 1978 Arts Center is pleased to be able to provide students with some practical exhibition experience.”

The students of the Advanced Placement Studio Art program at Montclair High School are a great example of what the town of Montclair has to offer. These four students in particular express the artistic side of the community as they were hand selected to have their artwork displayed in the venue of the Maplewood Arts Center, along with just four other high school students. This opportunity was a huge accomplishment for the students, faculty and school, along with the neighborhood itself.

For more information on the Maplewood Art Center along with upcoming exhibitions, gallery hours, and images of the student’s artwork, you can visit

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