Blue(ish) Chips Are Up for the Competition

Blue(ish) Chips will play by the rules of this year's MFEE Fundracer, but don't underestimate their profound skills to tightrope the lines to win.

Blue(ish) Chips are ready to win with so much fun!

blue(ish) chips
Photo courtesy of Blue(ish) Chips.

When the opportunity to be selfless presented itself it’s a no brainer that Ayo Falae and Jay Murray of Blue(ish) Chips decided to join the Montclair Fund for Educational Excellence‘s Fundracer 2017! They wanted to show their sincerest appreciation for MFEE as the organization support a wide range and very diverse set of programs. Being able to help in a fun way is just a bonus to them!

Ayo Falae and Jay Murray will play by the rules of this race…but if things get desperate count on this tandem to tightrope the lines to win.

“I heard of the MFEE fundraiser through Masiel Rodriguez. She has been a member of Guerrilla Fitness where I have had the pleasure of coaching her, Mia and Ben, her kids,” said Ayo Falae.

Murray grew up in the great town of Montclair as he attended Northeast, Mount Hebron and Montclair High School in 2004. He had the opportunity to learn from and grow through programs like what the MFEE will be helping bolster.
They have competed against one another on New Jersey HS football fields before joining forces in a crossfit box a few years ago. As residents of the area, they spend a great deal of their time in town. Their favorite thing about the town is its diversity and terrific restaurants.

“We are expecting to have a great time and enjoy the time with fellow fundraisers and competitions. Would we like to win? Of course, but being a able to partake and help is the only win that truly matters. On preparing, we can’t share that kind of information,” said Falae.

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