Bobtown, Jammin Divas, Tall Heights

A few folksy groups are set to bring the spring Outpost season to a close on June 7 at the Season Finale.

Three is kneed a crowd, a crowd of love and rootsy world spirits with Bobtown, Jammin Divas, and Tall Heights.

The first act will be Bobtown, who are noted for covering classic rock favorites with a folk/bluegrass/Americana twist, such as Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t Fear the Reaper.”  For those of you who live in the Montclair area or close to it, they will be performing live at WMSC 90.3, the radio station of Montclair State University, on June 2 at 7:30 p.m. For those who live in more distant areas, feel free to tune into the radio’s website.

The next group is called the Jammin Divas, comprised of five diverse artists, four females and one male, from various parts of the world.

Rock guitarist performing on stage
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The group is comprised of a few “divas:” Irish-born Aoife (pronounced “EE-fa”) Clancy, daughter of the Clancy Brothers’ Bob Clancy, is famous for her time performing in Cherish the Ladies as well as being a solo artist. She started playing guitar in pubs with her father at age 14, and has performed with the Boston Pops and Cincinnati Pops.

Although Becky Chace specializes primarily in roots-rock/blues-rock, she has also covered artists from all across the spectrum, from Irving Berlin to Johnny Cash. Chace has always been adventurous with music. While she has expanded that adventurous sense by performing with luminaries from B.B. King to Joan Jett and beyond, some of her own work includes “Woman Blues,” “Waitress” and “How.”

Kath Buckell fuses traditional Irish, country, folk and rock into her work, in songs such as “Things We Do Not Tell,” “Coming Back Home” and “Grandma’s Story.” All of her songs in her unique style are tailored to connect to audiences in a heartfelt manner, and this show will be no exception to that.  She has also opened for Carly Simon,  Jewel and Ben Taylor.

Israeli-born flutist, composer and arranger Hadar Noiberg’s style showcases smooth jazz, Latin music and various other forms of world music. Growing up in Israel greatly attributes to that eclecticism.  Her new album, “Journey Back Home,” focuses heavily on her flute abilities.

Craig Akin grew up in Kansas City, where he spent a lot of time honing his crafts on the electric and upright bass. He relocated to New York City six years ago to even further hone that craft. Some of his works include “Do It,” and “Autumn Leaves,” a Kosma and Evert cover.

Collectively, they bring their unique styles to the table in order to create songs such as “Some Time” and “Weary Driver.”

Last but not least is the duo Tall Heights of Boston. Comprised of Tim Harrington and Paul Wright, the music is as reminiscent of the “days of cavemen,” as they put it. They back up their claim with rootsy, folky, country-esque tracks such as “The Precipice” and “The Running of the Bulls,” both on their debut full length “Man of Stone.”

Bobtown, Jammin Divas, and Tall Height’s tickets are $22 in advance, and $27 at the doors, which open at 7 p.m. Showtime is 8 p.m.  Tickets can be purchased at Keil’s PharmacyStudio042 or online at the Outpost website.

Musicians like Bobtown, Jammin Divas, and Tall Heights give their hearts and souls to perform for everyone. Outpost volunteers give equally as much of that by working hard to put together these events. But, it is ultimately up to the crowd to help keep these events going and thriving. A small step in doing so is to donate some sundries to those in need, as well as paper or reusable grocery bags for those who receive food via the Helping Hands Pantry.

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