Camille David Earns Senior Spotlight

Montclair High School senior and aspiring pediatric doctor, Camille David, is put to the test as she embarks the four-week internship program.

Camille David works side-by-side with Beth Israel Medical Center.

Camille David, a Montclair High School senior, is right in the middle of her four-week internship at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center. This opportunity was made possible by Montclair High School’s Career Internship Program, which is designed to give students a taste of professional life before they graduate.

Camille David
Photo courtesy of Rebecca Brownsword

David’s internship gives her a lot of responsibilities. “I help with morning care so I set up the bedrooms, help clean the sheets, clean the rooms every time a patient comes in or leaves,” said David. “Sometimes I get to go in [a patient’s room with the doctor] to listen and observe.”

This senior is happy to take on all of these tasks, for it is the same field as her desired profession. “I want to go into pediatrics so the fact that this is all based on pediatrics is really good,” said David. “I’m really enjoying it a lot.”

Throughout her time at Montclair High School, David was a member of both the soccer and softball teams. David will miss the people who she met during her time at Montclair High School: “They’re all great. The teachers we’ve had are really amazing. It’s a really great school.”

After graduation, David hopes to continue her work at Beth Israel Medical Center over the summer. This next fall, she will start her studies in pediatrics at Purdue University in Indiana.

Camille David offers some advice to rising seniors and all students at Montclair High School: “If you need help, go ask for help. [At Montclair High School] people are willing to help you all the time.”

Written By: Rebecca Brownsword, Caitlin Kennedy, Natalie Toth and Maddy Firkser

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