Core Fire Pilates: A Workout Without the Bore

Core Fire Pilates is one sure-fire way to get your body ready for the beach and the sun, with amazing training and workouts.

Core Fire Pilates brings new meaning to workouts.

The fire was fueled inside me today at Core Fire Pilates, but it’d be a couple of sessions followed by an Epsom salt bath before I was ready to take on any flames. After the second rotation I realized the chilly weather should no longer be an excuse for my idling winter muscles. It’s time to step up, and then step out if I’m doing a “scrambled eggs” glute exercise, and tone up. It may not feel it, but bathing suit season is sneaking up on us with June just a month over, and my body is one to hold a grudge if I haven’t properly prepared it to bathe on the beach.

I’ve driven down Bellevue Avenue many times, but perhaps I should start looking up. Located at 211, Core Fire Pilates resides on the sunny second floor, in a space that I wish to live in, complete with a balcony that has already been claimed by the water dish of a Mr. Mozzarella, the owners’ French bulldog.

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Please be neat and wipe your feet during this workout that is done in socks; socks with grips are actually recommended, for a no-slip down the slide of the Megaformer. After taking off your shoes, hanging up your coat and making your way through the check-in desk area, complete with a homey-touched couch and refreshments, you’ll enter the workout room filled with these machines, designed for a total body and mind workout. Imitating the way they just seem to lay there in a line, with bungee cords coming out from all sides, a sliding part with numbered levels in them middle, and the back actually called the front and the front called the back. But don’t judge the Megaformer by its façade, or its name for that matter; it’s easy to navigate when you have a wonderful instructor walking beside you through your workout.

Jessica Gadsden recognized the face of a newbie from my first step through the Core doors. Her story is one in the new media era, finding her place at Core Fire through Craigslist, and teaming up with owners Angela McCaffrey and Caitlin DiRuggiero in August when her Lagree Fitness Method training began.

Gadsden received her certificate to instruct the Lagree Fitness Method from a master trainer in LA and started working at Core Fire Pilates in January, when the studio first opened. The method is a combination of resistance training, cardio and Pilates; at 45 minutes, you’ll feel the burn of 500 calories and the toning of your muscles that hits the target of your core.

The class did all that was promised in 45 minutes at intense intervals. Constantly changing positions on the Megaformer and targeting different muscles, Gadsden kept the workout upbeat and my attention focused for once on a workout rather than food.

As a trainer, it is also required that Gadsden takes classes multiple times per week. “It’s important for me to know how other people feel during their workout,” Gadsden explained. Talk about staying physically and mentally fit for June; Gadsden has no problem teaching six to eight classes a week, is a certified personal trainer, and also works as a home trainer for people with disabilities.

Gadsden explained the benefits of the best total body workout she has received with the Lagree Fitness Method at Core Fire, but explained that for a body transformation, a nutrition plan should be correlated with any exercise regimen.

Walking out of the studio, I already felt my core tighter and my arm muscles hanging deadly by my sides. Tomorrow may be a struggle, but if my body wants to be beach-bum-ready, then Core Fire Pilates will be its residency for its final month before the shore.

You can book at a class at or call Core Fire Pilates at (973) 744-0510. Don’t miss the special going on now, at just $199 you’ll receive one month of unlimited Core Fire classes on the Megaformer!

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