Culture Club Gets Ready to Perform

The prominent 80s pop group Culture Club will be performing their greatest hits at the Wellmont Theater on July 12.

Culture Club at the Wellmont Theater.

culture club
Photo courtesy of Live Nation.

Culture Club was one of the most influential pop groups of the 80s, and have embarked on a massive world tour that will continue on through the entirety of the summer. Their sound encompasses a number of different genres, including new wave, synth pop, reggae and rock, blending them all into one cohesive and pleasing sound.  

When they first got together back in 1981 and were making plans to collaborate on a musical project, they decided to call themselves Culture Club because they were extremely proud of how diverse of a group they were. The lineup consisted of a gay Irish man on vocals, a Anglo-Saxon guitarist and keyboardist, a black Briton of Jamaican descent, and a Jewish drummer.

Culture Club released their first album Kissing to Be Clever a year after they started up. They were not only a hit in their home country of the United Kingdom, but were also a great success in the United States. The group has sold over 50 million records throughout the course of the career, 10 million of which were their second album, Colour by Number, which reached quadruple platinum status in the US.

Culture Club’s hits have made it into the US Top 40 Charts on several different occasions, and their album Colour by Number also landed a spot on Rolling Stone Magazine’s Best 100 Albums of the 1980s. Additionally, they received the honor of being named “Best British Group” in the 1984 Brit Awards, and that same year they also received the Grammy Award for “Best New Artist.”

Ever since the group formed, Culture Club has provided music that can be enjoyed by all different individuals of all different backgrounds and musical preferences. While they are understood to be a band blending together synth-pop and new wave sounds with reggae dub, they are not restricted with the confines of any two genres. Their music integrates salsa, soul, funk, R&B and calypso music—a style of music with its roots in Trinidad and Tobago.

After breaking up in 1986, the group has continued to play reunion tours here and there. As one of the most prolific groups of the 80s music scene, Culture Club’s sundry and unique sound will remain an integral part of music history.

“When Culture Club first came out, and I went to go see them perform in New York in the 80s, there were people there from all different walks of life, and I hadn’t really seen a crowd that diverse in all my years of concert going,” said Chris Saltpaw.

Tickets to see Culture Club on their summer tour are available for purchase at Ticketmaster or at the Wellmont Theater Box office.

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