Dem Two Hands

Add some life to your closet with the help of the fashionable boutique, Dem Two Hands, that is hand crafted and one of a kind.

Spice up your winter wardrobe with pieces from Dem Two Hands.

dem two hands
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Dem Two Hands, a boutique located on North Fullerton Avenue in Montclair, N.J., opened up in the 1990’s and has been around for 26 years. If the vibrant, intriguing window display isn’t enough to lure you into this fashionable boutique, then the friendly, down to earth, welcoming staff sure is. Dem Two Hands is the perfect place to go to for those “out-there” articles of clothing for every female body type. It gives off a luminous vibe from the moment you walk in. The clothing is a unique, hand crafted, one of a kind collection.

Owner Marion Lake wanted to bring Montclair “things that are well made, that are quality, but that are unusual.” They carry a large selection of clothing lines from all around the world.

“We like to have smaller collections so that we get things in really frequently and there are constantly new things in here, including collections that are handmade,” Yasmin Grogan, the store manager said. “Marion does a lot of non-profit organizations or co-op type things.”

Lake grew up in Guyana, South America. When she first started out, she had a particularly small store on Walnut Street and everything that was in the store she had made herself, hence the name Dem Two Hands. She’s expanded considerably since then but she still has her own line of clothing available in the store.

Grogan describes the stores target clientele, as “middle aged women that don’t want to look like everyone else basically.” The thing that sets Lake apart from other businesses is the service that she provides, like the free alterations. At Dem Two Hands, their staff really knows how to accommodate to their clientele, knows their stock, and what sizes run on particular styles.

Their clients can come in to the store and if they don’t like shopping or don’t want to look, most of the time the staff at Dem Two Hands already know them on a first name basis, and know which cuts they like. Lake or another employee will always go get things based on the clientele’s preference and show them different styles.

“That’s what people like about shopping here. Dem Two Hands tries to be a business that provides quality service or service that in other companies you might get charged for or that are not even available, so Lake really tries too to be as accommodating as possible,” said Grogan.

dem two hands
Photo courtesy of Stephanie Russo

Lake also frequently donates to a place called Tutwiler Clinic in Mississippi.  At least once a year, a percentage of their sales will be sent down there, including a large amount of donations. She even buys a bunch of toys for the kids down there near Christmas, but then does a monetary donation as well. “Sometimes we will get certain shipments or our companies are doing something and a portion of it goes too a group of people or we have products that are made, like sustainable living. They are made by a population of people that get the proceeds from it directly and they’re paid fair wages,” Grogan explained.

Dem Two Hands also has anniversary sales, and in the past, Lake has even done trunk shows and fashion shows. She also provides complimentary alterations on any of the full price purchases, as well as complimentary gift-wrap. To find more about Dem Two Hands, you can browse their website at, or like them on Facebook.


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