Envy Displays the Latest Fashion Trends in Montclair

Envy Fashion Boutique by Melissa Gorga offers an intimate shopping experience, along with their quality, high end clothing to the citizens of Montclair.

Envy Fashion Boutique makes other stores envious.

Photo by Emma Gallof for The Montclair Dispatch.

Envy Fashion Boutique, owned by The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga, opened in December of 2015 and is located at 609 Bloomfield Ave. Envy offers clothing suitable for all ages from teens to adults. They carry a vast variety of clothing, such as elegant dresses for evening wear, as well as jeans and hats for everyday casual wear.

Gorga started Envy after she noticed that her jewelry line on HSN was doing well and thought that going into clothing and retail would be the sensible next step. With new shipments coming in every week, the selection of clothes are constantly changing. The shifting products allow for frequent customers to always have something new to shop for.

Envy is a smaller store, which allows for only the best clothing to be displayed. All the clothing is handpicked by Gorga herself, and is made from the best quality materials. The smaller store also allows for the staff to connect with the community and their customers more. When someone walks into the store, the staff is able to offer their opinions and help the customer find something flattering for their specific body type.

The atmosphere at Envy is bright and centered around the clothing, which is displayed on shelves around the store against white backgrounds. They also have lights on all the clothes, making sure to highlight them. Plants are placed throughout the store, adding a touch of color to the mostly black and white chic store. Signs with sayings such as “hello beautiful” are also on shelves with the clothes, pleasing and elevating their customer’s mood and self esteem as they shop. Modern styled chandeliers are hung throughout Envy as well, lighting the store and adding a unique style to the store.

“We all love working here,” said employee Allyssa Pratola. “The smaller store allows us to get cool new things in all the time.”

As stated on Envy’s website, “Quality, style, and unique choices are top priority, but second to our customer service and the impeccable experience.” Melissa Gorga works to create a high end store with the best products around making others “envious” of the products available. The team at Envy also values their customers and customer service higher than anything else, and it’s apparent when you walk into their store and are personally helped by their staff.

You can visit Envy by Melissa Gorga at 609 Bloomfield Ave., or to see more of what is offered online, you can visit their website at envybymg.com.

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