Frick and Frack Are Bringing Their A Game

Frick and Frack expects to laugh, but most importantly have lots of fun as they take on the Sequel of MFEE's Amazing Fundracer!

Frick and Frack are up for any challenges that the Fundracer throws! 

frick and frack
Photo courtesy of Frick and Frack.

Frick and Frack heard about the Montclair Fund for Educational Excellence’s Fundracer through an email blast and were immediately inspired by the great cause for the town they both call home. With much eagerness, Sarah Young and Kelley Reynolds, decided to register and begin fundraising!

“Not only do we see what MFEE does for our schools, but Sarah and I love to compete!  Whether it’s tennis or a half marathon, we love to do things that push us out of our comfort zones,” said Reynolds.
Reynolds loves Montclair so much because of its diversity and the fact the children within the community can learn about the different types of people around. Another bonus for Reynolds is the access to the big city!
In preparation for the eventful race, Reynolds will be pushing herself to the limit even as she continues to do her normal workout routines and mixing in some running, just because. Selfishly, she hopes to see MFF incorporate her love for the Spanish immersion.  Her son was in the Spanish immersion program at the Pre-K and he was well on his way to being fluent.

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