Fume: A Light At The End of the Cigar

Fumé brings a familiar smell, with no dads in sight.

Fume shares the greatest variety of cigars.

If you see a cloud of smoke emanate off Bloomfield Avenue, don’t hesitate to investigate. You will be pleased to find Fume. It is the cigar shop that is fully lounged and ready for you to relax.

Fume is less of a shop and more of a tobacco boutique. It is referred to as a cigar shop and lounge. Owner Raffaele Alberto took some time out of his workday to talk about his shop, cigars and how his hobby became his job.

Close up of cigars in open humidor box
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I guess it’s true what they say: “if you love what you do, you don’t work a day in your life.” Alberto started smoking cigars at age 18, and turned a hobby into a profession.

The cigar shop has been ignited since 2005. It has become a social hang out for cigar enthusiasts. “It’s not your everyday cigar shop,” Alberto explained – and I can vouch for that. Walking through the front door, Fume has an excellent array of humidors with select cigars neatly displayed. Fume offers over 60 plus brands, including, Padrón, Arturo Fuente and La Flor Dominican, of light, medium and full body blends with over 500 sizes and varieties. The owner himself expressed a keen interest in a Padrón 64’, but states, “It all depends on the person’s taste.”

Alberto also carries boutique cigars from smaller manufacturers, such as San Lotano.

It was clear through the smoke that Fume had a working knowledge of the cigar experience. Alberto offers a lounge in the back of the shop-front. It is for those who want to relax with their freshly purchased cigar. The lounge is fully equipped, with television, Wi-Fi and all the trimmings to make-up the perfect man-cave.

The shop is open Monday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. The lounge is only open to members from 6 on. A great way to spend your Sunday afternoon, the shop is open from 12 to 4. Alberto offers a membership for those seeking to make this hobby a part of their social nightlife. The membership includes after-hours access, a humidified locker and 15 percent off purchases. Membership costs $400 annually. Think of this as an everyday cigar getaway. As employee Rod Marsden explains as his, “home away from home.”

It seemed like a tough job for Marsden, who casually smoked his cigar in the comfort of a leather lounge chair, he exhales, “It’s a great job [with] interesting people [and] a lot of characters.”

It’s a good thing Alberto hand selected two cigars for my dad to try, because my new perfume was curiously familiar. For once it seemed my dad found my writing worth a second conversation, with the elation that only waits the inhale of tomorrow.

Fume is located at 415 Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair, N.J. The store can also be reached at 973-783-3863 for any further questions.

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