Goldfish Assassins Plan to Conquer

With the uncertainty to ensure the lives of their children's goldfishes, the Goldfish Assassins think they have what it takes to win the 2017 MFEE Fundracer.

There are no obstacles the Goldfish Assassins can’t overcome!

goldfish assassins
Photo courtesy of Goldfish Assassins.

The Goldfish Assassins are made of David Placek and Jaclyn Stein. Being able to support their community, gives them another reason to get on a bike and spend the day outdoors.

“It’s a great cause to support Montclair’s public schools and I have a competitive spirit. For a while, I wanted to try out for the real Amazing Race, so I figure this is a good first step,” said Placek.
Both team members are residents of Montclair. They enjoy the people of Montclair since most of the people they’ve encountered are friendly. In addition, the food and the community spirit is like not other to them, truly making Montclair unique.
Placek has owned a business in town and will open one again soon. Stein actually is the Owner of Anzie Jewelry. It can be featured in many stores such as Red Velvet Luxe, Sherman & Son’s Jewelers and Weston Gallery.
The Goldfish Assassins are expecting to take the gold as their eyes are on the prize to win!  “If we don’t, I’m expecting an injury has prevented us from winning, or we didn’t prepare enough,” joked Placek.  And in terms of preparation, “I’m preparing for the race by buying a bike and running after my children like a madwoman,” said Jaclyn Stein.
Placek trusts that the great people of MFEE will know where exactly to invest the funds they’ll receive from this year’s Amazing Fundracer: the Sequel. Jaclyn Stein hopes that MFEE will consider investing the money to the library, sports facilities, art facilities and language classes. Most importantly, she’s crossing her fingers that there’ll be a massage after the bike race.

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