Green Chop’s: Healthy Options

Stay healthy on the go without breaking the bank. For food that’s quick, easy, healthy and delicious, eat at Green Chop’s in Montclair.

Maintain a healthy, hectic lifestyle at Green Chop’s!

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Healthy eating on the go seems like the unsolved riddle of the ages. At lunchtime, you want to grab the first thing you find to quell the pangs of hunger. You probably know you’ll regret your choices in twenty minutes, but you are so hungry and pressed for time you honestly don’t care. Good news, struggler, you no longer have to compromise fresh and healthy options to save time. Green Chop’s makes it easy to grab a meal that is both great in taste and health (and price!).

The menu includes vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options and offers a Create Your Own Salad menu at $7.98 per pound. I lunched at Green Chop’s myself, mixing raw kale (love that bitter bite), shredded carrots, corn, beets, edamame, and blue cheese. I wanted dressing without added sugar, and being the helpful chef that she is, Suprihatin Prodhan whipped some up on the spot with EVOO and fresh-squeezed lemon and lime juices – outstanding!

At Green Chop’s, “Our food is fresh, healthy, and delicious. We want healthy, happy customers, and we work hard to keep them that way,” says Prodhan. She is the mastermind behind their fresh soups, as she makes them from scratch daily. Chef Prodhan suggested I sample each on the day’s menu: vegan split pea with coriander and cumin; vegan sweet potato with honey and mild spices; lemon chicken noodle with gluten-free noodles and mild spices; and mixed meat (chicken, turkey, beef) with barley cream, veggies, barley, and hot spices. I was not surprised to find that all were delicious. I’d never had a cup of split pea soup so tasty in my life. The coriander and cumin gave it something really special, and it was light, not thick and heavy like most pea soups. The eight ounce cup was $2.79.

Green Chop’s has a big sandwich menu as well. The steamed veggie special (13 assorted steamed vegetables with peanut sauce and Asian pancakes) really caught my eye. The smoothies are blended with fresh fruit and honey instead of added sugar, with or without milk.

Green Chop’s difference starts with fresh ingredients, all day, every day. Chef Pordhan’s love and care is a perk, too, and can be tasted in the meal and neighborly service. No matter your crazy schedule, students, parent on the go, or workaholic, consider Green Chop’s your solution.

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