Intrepid Gym Supports Save of Essex

With the assistance of Intrepid Gym's fundraiser, it aims to positively influence the Women Empowerment Week in Montclair and Save of Essex.

Save of Essex is in danger of closing from an acute funding shortage, so Intrepid Gym plans to help!

intrepid revolution
Photo courtesy of Rock Tate.

To follow up with a recent article about Women Empowerment Week in Montclair, Intrepid Gym decides to support their efforts with a fundraiser.

“Save of Essex play a very important role in Montclair, tackling a very serious issue,” said Adam Kant, Founder of the Intrepid Gym. “Intrepid Revolution couldn’t be happier to announce our grand opening by running a week-long campaign, offering a daily class where all proceeds will go to Save of Essex.  Come by, workout and help our great community.”

All donations from the 7 p.m. classes during the week of July 25-31 will help the Rape Crisis Center. A suggested donation is $15. Classes will include:

  • Monday, July 25: Spin
  • Tuesday, July 26: High Intensity Training
  • Wednesday, July 27: High Intensity Training
  • Thursday, July 28: Spin
  • Saturday, July 30: Spin

Intrepid Gym is no stranger to The Montclair DispatchStephanie Russo, Contributing Writer, had the extraordinary honor of writing two articles about the high-intensity and motivated gym located on 312 Bloomfield Ave. In one article titled, “Spin at Intrepid Gym,” readers will learn that “if you’ve never taken a spin class before, the thought of peddling on a bike for 45 minutes straight with almost no breaks in between may be the reason you have avoided it. However, you’re in good hands over at Intrepid Revolution.”

In another article titled, “Intrepid Gym in Montclair,” readers will learn that “coming from someone who isn’t ‘spicy’ with her workouts, I was left extremely impressed and feeling stronger (and more sore) than ever after co-owner, Rock Tate, give me a small taste of what they’re all about.” For more information, please read the mentioned articles or visit Intrepid Gym at your earliest convenience. They can be reached 973-893-5614.

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