Kids Night Out at Chocolate Works

Treat your kids to some well-deserve fun by Chocolate Works in Montclair on Friday, July 15, where they can embrace their creativity.

Allow your kids to embark in a special event by Chocolate Works in Montclair!

kids night out
Photo courtesy of Chocolate Works.
In a previous article written by Joseph Michalitsianos about the infamous Chocolate Works, we discovered the perfect place to satisfy a sweet tooth especially for chocolates! Under owner Marcia Lemberg the company has been in business for about 18 months. “Chocolate Works is different because it’s interactive. Not only can our guests come and choose from our wide assortments of chocolates, candy, ice cream, molded items, baskets/platters, favors or other gifts, but they can come here for entertainment, as we hold parties, workshops, kids night out, ladies night out, showers, book clubs, team building events, Mommy and Me and we are working on putting together ‘friends night out,'” said Lemberg.
Chocolate Works has invented a special event, perfect for all youngsters to enjoy called, Kids Night Out! The event was created because Lemberg desired to host a fun and safe place for kids to enjoy on a Friday night. It is $25 per child (tax and 15 percent gratuity is not included) and reservations are required. “It’s an alternative to a babysitter, and it allows the parents to go out to dinner or the movies or catch up on the week. The kids get to have their own party. Some kids come with their friends or siblings,” said Lemberg. The facility can hold up to 35 kids and it’s been said that they sell out every time. Many participants have revisited time and time again. The experienced party coordinators at Chocolate Works have run hundreds of parties, and all have been complete successes.
Kids Night Out will last for two full hours. Upon their arrival, kids will make and mold their own unique chocolate creation. They will adventure on a trip in the chocolate car wash, enjoy a dip in the six-foot chocolate fountain, play games and win prizes! Pizza will also be available for dinner. Parents can easily expect their kids to have fun and be safe at the same time, here at Chocolate Works. It promotes social interactions skills for all children to enjoy as no electronics are allowed. “We are allergy friendly, so no child is ever life out from an activity,” said Lemberg.
Chocolate Works in Montclair is located on 42 South Park St., right next to Starbucks. They can be contacted at 973-744-3344 and emailed at

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