Lighten Up with Abigail Burford

Founder of Lighten Up, Abigail Burford provides clients with an unbiased and positive de-cluttering service through transforming any living space.

Clear out clutter with Abigail Burford.

lighten up
Photo courtesy of Abigail Burford.

Since the start up of Lighten Up in 2010, Abigail Burford has transformed the wellness of living spaces throughout the New Jersey area. Burford created Lighten Up as a way to help others through life’s inevitable transitions. Through Lighten Up, Burford provides professional decluttering assistance by working side by side with clients with a genuine urge for change. As Burford redirected her initial path as an English instructor, she began to develop Lighten Up after personal hardship and a niche for organization. Such hardships lead Burford to reconstruct her life and gain a new approach to living. Following this, Burford saw this career change as a calling to help others through trying times.

Burford once heard author and public speaker, Brené Brown and was moved by Brown’s approach to life’s vulnerability and transformation as, “break[ing] down and wake[ing] up.”

Change is never an easy process, but Burford makes it easier every step of the way. Starting from the title, created between her and a close friend, “Lighten Up” is intended to reflect the lightening of one’s burden. The meaning draws significance after being successful in relieving one’s clutter. The “light” in the title symbolizes a sense of inspiration and guidance. Burford also hopes to add lightened humor to the already difficult scenario.

Burford also uses the color orange as a staple in her business as a representation of optimism that she wants all her clients to have through such trying times.

As Burford assesses each clientele’s needs or wants of living arrangements she hopes to leave each client with a functional and healthy living environment. Burford’s ability to assist in clearing out spaces allows clients to secure a newfound consciousness. The process of decluttering brings out a notion of bravery within each client that Burford encourages. Embracing this challenging time, Burford molds her experience to better suit every client to guide their focus and inner strength.

“The mission is transformation, this can be as simple as going from burdened to unburdened,” said Burford.

At times Burford’s clients simply have too many things in their home and need experienced help in down sizing their living space. At other times Burford’s service is needed in order to clear out a space that can be better equipped with medical care for an in-house patient.

Burford is fully aware of emotional triggers clearing out one’s home can bring. With the sentimental attachments people place on objects whether it be clothes, photos or family heirlooms, Burford encourages the letting go of tangible objects.

Burford’s experiences and use of thought exercises allow clients to evaluate and reflect on the objects and treasures people tend to hold on to. Burford works with clients to help them release the object for a better psychical and emotional space.

“The space can be more valuable than the object that’s filling it up,” said Burford.

Reverting back to teaching techniques, Burford instructs group discussion throughout the area along with one on one sessions. Her discussion on, “Shifting the Focus of Faith” helps take the energy that was put into material elements and transfers it into a more positive and fulfilling outlet.

Having outside guidance, not a family member or friend, is a factor that Burford believes to be crucial. The fresh outlook on the situation and a non-judgment attitude will benefit the transformation.

Burford is currently working on a book that will have tips and decluttering guided discussions within.

Taking the first step to clearing out your space is never easy and now you don’t have to do it alone. Burford works within Bloomfield, Montclair and its surrounding townships. For more information on Lighten Up, Burford can be reached via email at or by phone at 973-932-9875.

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