Mother’s Day Destinations

Make Mom happy this Mother's Day with these simple tricks. Flowers and chocolate are of course included. Check out Clores Flowers!

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Kids Don’t Need to Go Far to Impress Mom This Mother’s Day.

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. Time to put on your best shoes, comb that hair, and resist the tempting urge attracting you to social media. For this day and this day only, all of your attention is focused on Mom. Like children eagerly writing Christmas lists, Mom’s have been found to be quite creative when it comes to the deeds they wish done, the places they wish to eat, and the gifts they wish to unwrap on their day. This can cause a craze in the rest of the family’s heads, because who’s the one person they hate to disappoint? Mom.

What better way to show our mothers we love them than with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and delicious chocolates awaiting their smile? Lots of fathers advise their sons, “if you ever get a woman mad, buy her chocolates or flowers. And if you get her very mad, buy her both,” at least that’s what I was told growing up. Many of us kids use Mother’s Day as an escape from all the troubles we’ve caused them over time; a get-out-of-jail-free card. May 10 is the perfect day to redeem yourself. There are a few tricks to mastering the trade – no matter your budget.

  1. Don’t say no
  2. Buy her flowers that remind you of her and tell her so
  3. A box of chocolates keeps the soul young
  4. Let her do whatever she wants, whether it involves you or not
  5. Create a handmade chores-coupon book

I went to Clores Flowers and Gifts, located at 590 Valley Road is home to a beautiful (and large) display of flowers. My breath was nearly taken away by the hundreds of gorgeous flowers that lit up the room. Blossoms that came from all parts of the world live at our flower shop right here in Montclair. Another convenient thing about this flower shop is that because of their wide variety of flowers, I was able to pick and choose which ones I wanted in a bouquet.

Most of us want to give Mom only the best on Mother’s Day (she deserves it!), with Clores Flowers, you’ll be sure to do just that. The fresh and blooming flower shop provides its customers with complete satisfaction on the bouquets they have readily available, or you can create your own. To see their selection online, visit

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