MPL Speed Readers Are Checking In

MPL Speed Readers are coming in hot with all their lifting and bookbike riding as they exude determination to take on the MFEE Fundracer once more!

Watch out! Don’t get in the way of the MPL Speed Readers.

mpl speed readers
Photo courtesy of MPL Speed Readers.
MPL Speed Readers are trading in their cardigans for race shirts again. As they placed 6th in last year’s Montclair Fund for Educational Excellence Amazing Fundracer, they to aim to compete and raise even more money as they are driven to change lives through words, ideas and community connections.
“Montclair has a vibrant, diverse community. We are honored to serve them here at Montclair Public Library,” said John Daquino, team member of MPL Speed Readers, who works as the Information Specialist, Reference Department at the Montclair Public Library.
In preparation for the ultimate race, they’ve been lifting heavy books and doing laps with their library bookbike to get in shape for the race!
“Local organizations such as MFEE do fantastic work and we wanted to help support their fundraising efforts. They’ve done an incredible job supporting the local schools of Montclair. We are delighted to help raise money for them so that they can continue investing in our children’s futures,” said Daquino.

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