Parcel Cultivates a Creative and Vintage Paradise

Parcel offers a one-of-a-kind shopping experience to customers. Get lost in a world of treasures and treat yourself to trinkets you won’t find elsewhere!

Parcel is cute, crafty and quirky finds keep customers coming back for more.

Photo courtesy of Parcel.

Parcel opened at 608 Bloomfield Ave. in downtown Montclair in 2003. Customers stopped in to look at unusual vintage decorations and papers. Owner Nancy Laboz displayed any unique packaging, papers or ornaments she found appealing. Like any good business, it was encased in passion and hard work, but what really tied it together was the unique and nifty surprises Laboz displayed in the store. A loyal fan base soon developed, and it soon became the destination for custom invitations and logos.

“One could easily categorize Parcel as a stationery store or a vintage-style craft shop, mainly because it is difficult to fit Parcel into an easy to describe store,” said Laboz. “However, shopping at Parcel has become known as a shopping experience, a place to get lost in your imagination, a curiosity shop of lost treasures. I was inspired to open Parcelbecause of a life-long passion for collecting and curating beautiful little things. It was a childhood dream to open a shop and I was inspired by other adventurous shop owners from across the globe.”

It features unique crafts and gifts. Elegant, individualized stationary and cards line the walls. Crafty stamps, prints and decorations adorn bookshelves and create their own niche in the corners of cubbies. Vintage jewelry and pins hang from hooks by the register. The meanderer will love it; each visit to Parcel reveals a new hidden treasure.

Parcel offers classes, focusing on holiday gifts, homemade cards or dried flower creations. Other services include custom invitations, wrapping services and party decor. Parcel will even make individual paper-cut silhouettes and initial charms on request.

Photo courtesy of Parcel.

Laboz has worked hard to build a brand over the past 15 years. Her dedication and passion has paid off. Parcel’s popular item, handmade vintage-inspired decor, recently blossomed into a wholesale product line sold all over the country and in Europe.

When asked what advice she would give to young entrepreneurs, Laboz stated, “Start with your passion and try to create a practical business plan around your true interests and talents.  Take advice from experts, but learn to follow your own intuition.”

Follow your intuition and our expert advice: stroll over to Parcel at 608 Bloomfield Ave. Email Laboz at Shop hours are posted at

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