PAWS: Animals Need A Home

Ever wonder what it’s like to have a pet? Try fostering with PAWS and save the lives of pups and/or kittens big and small today.

Save a life and gain lots of love with PAWS!

Dogs and cats
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They say a dog is a man’s best friend, and it’s true. Little in life is more comforting than coming home after a long day of office hell or waking up to a friend that loves you at your very best and worst. Like your Facebook requests, too many pups (and kitties) go unfriended every year. Don’t you just love (or envy others) walking your precious, polite dog as they venture the streets of Montclair and get a whiff of fresh air and green grass? Have you taken a minute to reflect on how lucky you are to have him or her, and more importantly, how lucky they are to have you? Not all pets are fortunate enough to have supportive owners that love them endlessly.

Pound Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) of Montclair is rescue organization and shelter for animals that suffer the consequence of being put down because they were not adopted. They are the in-between of homeless and euthanized. This shelter provides care for animals in need with the help of volunteers. Now, PAWS needs you and tons other volunteers to help foster and care for animals. As a volunteer, you provide a loving home for the sweet animals until their true family comes along and adopts them.

Animals are constantly getting turned in to PAWS shelter and they’re running out of room. Space is limited. The shelter survives on the help of volunteers and need to continue to save the lives of more animals. For families considering adopting a pet, fostering a cat or dog is an ideal option to see how well your family can adjust to the lifestyle. Better yet, do you know an elder that could use a little extra love and has some free time? Fostering or adopting a pet is perfect for those that have retired.

So, what does a caretaker do for the pet? Simply provide food, water, and a happy and comforting living space for the lucky guy or gal. In a recent rescue story, a pup by the name of Emmie was thrown out of her home to a high kill shelter when PAWS Montclair came to her saving. Her owners used her to breed and when they were done using her, they threw her away like a left over sandwich. Unfortunately, Emmie tested positive for heartworm and is now getting the necessary treatment to recover. Because she is an older dog, it’s best she lives in a quiet place with loving owners. Emmie is only one of the hundreds of dogs in need for a home.

Signing up to save the animals at PAWS is as easy as pie. Just visit and click on the volunteer link under the Ways to Help tab. The application can be filled out there.

Every animal deserves a loving home even if just for a little while. Really, who actually is saving who?

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